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0ur Kidron store may be a lot bigger than Jay Lehman had ever dreamed when he founded Lehman's. But we're not just a link to the past. We're a road to the future.

Housed in our 45,000 square foot retail store is the finest selection of non-electric technology you'll ever see. You'll see the lighter end of things first. Entering near the Soda Pop Shop, check out over 70 varieties of root beer - and those are just a few of the 300+ vintage and handcrafted sodas we stock every day. Lehman's Candy Land stocks tasty old-fashioned treats too: salt water taffy, real milk caramels, jujubes and more!

Don't miss the Major Appliances Room. It's a showcase for the latest in super-efficient heat stoves and cook stoves. Of course, you'll also find gas-powered appliances like refrigerators, freezers and stoves. And if you're a grillmaster, we're a source for high-end grills, smokers and accessories. Looking for a sturdy, long-lasting fireplace or heat stove accessories? Look no further than Lehman's.

We feature thousands of items in our Housewares and Pantry area, from modern necessities like silicone utensils, Silpats and pre-seasoned cast iron, right down to vintage-style copper cookie cutters. If you have a new kitchen to outfit or an 'experienced' one to update, you can do it all right here.

Looking for classic toys? Right this way to our Toy Room - and don't forget to stop in the Lego Loft, with shelves full of hard-to-find collectible sets, and Duplo blocks for the younger ones.

If you're interested in sustainable living, urban gardening, or running your small farm, then you'll be spending a good deal of time in our Gardening, Lamp and Hardware Rooms, which offer alternatives for efficient, low impact living.

And as you move through our bright and inviting surroundings, you should know that the store itself is a repurposed antique, gathering four pre-Civil War era buildings under one soaring roof. Reminders of America's farming past are all around you. Founder Jay Lehman's collection of museum-quality agricultural antiques line the walls.

The Buggy Barn Cinema features short presentations on organic gardening, oil lamp restoration and other topics. Relax on the Cinema's Amish-made hickory church pews and explore some new ideas. Fancy a quick bite? The Cast Iron Café is at the heart of things with sandwiches, soups and more made fresh daily. The Amish desserts alone are worth the trip!

Today, Lehman's ships old-fashioned, non-electric merchandise all over the world through our catalog and online. Our store in Kidron, Ohio is where it all began in 1955. We're proud to offer the best in non-electric products in our store, through our catalog and via our website. With an emphasis on products that are made in America, we provide necessities to a large customer base, including missionaries and doctors working in developing countries ;to homesteaders and environmentalists living in remote areas; to those with unreliable electricity living on islands and mountains; second home owners, hunters, fishers and cabin dwellers; the chronically nostalgic; and even Hollywood set designers looking for historically accurate period pieces.

Get an area map to plan your trip to Lehman's. We'll be happy to include brochures from other select local businesses here in Ohio's Amish country. Click here for maps and click here for Lehman's hours of operation.

Looking for other events, attractions and activities in our area? Please contact our local visitor's bureau.
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