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Pumping Basics for Deep Wells
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If water is less than 200 ft down: You need four basic components to raise water from these depths.

Watch Pump Installation on Video
Learn about every aspect of a deep well pump system. Video can be returned for refund or credit toward purchase of a deep well pump-head. Approximately 30 minutes.

  1. The pump-head is the part you see above ground and provides the pumping action. Ours work on any well (dug or drilled). Some can be used with windmills.
    Lehman's Pump Heads
    Most Functional
    Pump Heads
    Most Versatile
    Pump Heads
    Flange Connects
    Pump to Well
    Casing Easily
  2. The cylinder is the heart of the system. It contains the valves and leathers that provide the lift. Place in well below water level. Most work best with a foot valve. The cylinder you choose must fit into your well casing.
    Lehman's Cylinders
    Solid Brass
  3. The drop pipe extends from the pump to the cylinder. We recommend galvanized steel or plastic. (Steel is the traditional favorite, but plastic is less expensive, much lighter and will never rust.)
    Lehman's Drop Pipes
    PVC Schedule
    80 Pipe
    Brass Couplings
    Install and Remove drop Pipes easily and safely with Lehman's tools
    Pipe Clevis
  4. The pump rod runs from the pump to the cylinder inside the drop pipe. It provides the linkage that transfers the pumping action from pump-head to cylinder.
    Lehman's Pump Rod
    Pump Rod
Lehman's Pump Head
Features Comparison Chart
Lehman's most Versatile Pump Heads Lehman's Most Functional Pump Heads
Hand Pump
Hand Pump
43" 50" 48" 48"
64 lb 80 lb 80 lb 85 lb
Depth by
Max 75’D 225’D Plus 200’D Plus 200’D Plus
Depth w/
Can't Use Max 450’D Can't Use Max 720’D
Use any cylinder that Lehman's sells
* "Depth" means distance to water, not depth to cylinder. Any pump works past its "ideal" limit but not very well. For example, our cylinder ratings require 40 lb downward pressure on handle, about what an average male can do. However, we have one customer hand pumping from 200’D. The only limit is your strength. On the other hand, if you go beyond the "maximum" limits given for some pumps, they will almost certainly break down.
Note: If you have questions about the Pump Heads please contact us.
All our deep well components are USA made to the highest standards. If water is more than 175 ft down: The water soon becomes too heavy to pump by hand for any length of time. For easiest pumping at this depth, use Our Better Pump-Head set to a 5" stroke with the 44281 cylinder.

For More information on Deep Well Pumping Contact us at Lehman's

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Email: info@lehmans.com
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