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Tankless Water Heaters
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An endless supply of hot water, saves energy and saves space

Tankless heaters have been used in Europe for decades and now The Bosch AquaStar tankless water heater is redefining how homeowners in North America are heating their water. When you look at the benefits of tankless water heaters, it’s easy to see why. They make more sense than conventional tank heaters, especially for cabins, retreat houses and many commercial applications.

See-through view of Model 1600P.
Saves energy and money-The Bosch AquaStar water heater only heats the water you actually use and heats it to the temperature you specify. Compared to a water heater that stores hot water in a tank 24 hours a day, just in case it’s needed, this method can save a great deal of money – up to $600 per year!

How it works-Open a hot water faucet and the powerful gas burners come to life. The incoming cold water runs through a series of finned copper heating coils (similar to a car radiator) and comes out piping hot, ready to be used for hot showers, cleaning, laundry or washing dishes. The burners shut off automatically when the water is turned off.

Endless supply of hot water-The Bosch AquaStar heats water as it’s needed so you never run out. Choose how hot you want the water and set the thermostat. Water is consistently delivered at this temperature, even as the flow increases or decreases. Never run out of hot water again.

Saves space-The Bosch AquaStar water heater has no bulky storage tank so it is extremely compact and can be installed virtually anywhere. Mount it on the wall where it’s needed - in the washroom, kitchen, or even the attic. Perfect for small homes, apartments and vacation get-aways.

Built to last-Since there is no tank to build up mineral deposits, leak or eventually rust, the Bosch AquaStar will last much longer than a tank-type water heater. The burners and other key components are made of non-corrosive brass, copper and stainless steel. There is a built-in, manual gas shut-off control, and pilot thermocouple safety protection. 12-year warranty on heat exchanger, 2 years on parts. CSA approved.

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