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No other natural material can match the extraordinary heating properties of soapstone. It stores more heat for its weight than any other naturally occurring material, has twice the heat-storing capacity of iron and eliminates peaks and valleys typical of other heating stoves. As wood burns, heat transfers into the stone. Once heated, stone begins to steadily radiate heat and continues radiating for hours, even after the fire is out.

Each stove is made from fine Brazilian grey soapstone, polished and cut into 1-1/4" thick panels by HearthStone®. Available accessories include an outside air kit, a blower kit to circulate warm air and a rear heat shield to allow for smaller clearances. Crafted to the highest standards and highly preferred by our customers for years, HearthStone® stoves are among the most beautiful and best performing stoves available. USA made.

Advanced combustion technology - So efficient their woodstoves meet EPA requirements without using a catalyst, which means they are more fun to watch, easier to use and need less maintenance.

Stringy-tacky stove mortar - HearthStone's specially formulated furnace cement is impregnated with fireproof fiberglass threads for superior tensile strength. Our repair technicians like it so much they use it on other stove brands.

Note: Unless noted otherwise, all stoves ship by semi-truck. Shipping to a freight terminal (usually within an hour of your home) is included in our price. Home delivery is available in most cases. Call 1-888-438-5346 for more information.

Hearthstone only allows us to publish their Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Call 1-888-438-5346 for pricing.

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