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Den Haan Gimbaled Berth Oil Lamp
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Den Haan Gimbaled Berth Oil Lamp

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No matter how rough the seas, or how carelessly you carry it, the gimbal (double ring) on this lamp keeps it upright. It can be easily mounted on a wall, perched on any horizontal surface, or carried from place to place.
  • 11 oz capacity, 50 hour burn time.
  • Wick 1-1/4"W, chimney 5-1/8"H x 1-5/16"OD.
  • Lamp 10"H, 3-1/2 lb.
If you're searching for an authentic and distinctive oil lamp that will bring back memories of the past and last for generations into the future, look no further than Den Haan. For more than 80 years, the Den Haan company of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been producing fine interior lights for inland and seagoing vessels. Today their oil lamps are highly sought after as authentic replicas of old-style nautical lights. Made from the highest-quality solid brass and finished with a transparent enamel coating, these lamps use round wicks and specially-shaped chimneys to create steady, bright light. Lamps perform best when kerosene or Klean-Heat is used and font is not filled more than 2/3 full. Their exceptional performance, craftsmanship, and beauty make these lamps a valuable treasure that is equally at home in the cabin of your boat, in your cottage, or on a mantle, wall or shelf in your home. Made in The Netherlands since 1922.

Customer Reviews of Den Haan Gimbaled Berth Oil Lamp
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- 5/16/2014
said: David
"This is a wonderful lamp. It is well crafted with quality materials. At the moment it sits next to my bed for evening reading and atmosphere. It will, also, have a home in the sailboat that I am refinishing. It will add a bit of warmth to the berth in the fall and plenty of light. I love its versatility as both a table lamp and wall mount. The gimbal functions smoothly. If I ever need a second lamp - I'll buy another of these."
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- 5/26/2011
said: Jason
"Excellent quality, solid brass. It sits on my screened porch 24/7 in hot, humid weather. Most other lamps rust in a season or two, and are made of very thin metal that is painted or brass coated or galvanized. This is heavy, solid, burns bright,and is NOT made in China! Buy this once and be done, or buy the cheaper ones over and over again."
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- 5/10/2011
said: James
"Can not say enough about this lamp, it is real winner. Very easy to use, puts out a nice light that is much easier on the eyes then Aladdin lamps. Highest quality lamp I have ever owned and I have owned about 50+. Bought for my wife for ease of use. Does not put out the amount of light a Aladdin does so Aladdin's still have there place but this is the lamp we use more and more. One recommendation is to use a long taper to light and do not remove the chimney, this saves time and the possibility of breaking the chimney."
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- 9/25/2009
said: Bryan
"Awsome lamps, love the swivel feature on 'em. burns nice and is VERY efficient on fuel. well worth the cash."
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