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Local Choices Book

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Organic gardener, public speaker and regular Lehman's seminar leader Karen Geiser and local writer/farmer Lisa Amstutz have co-written an engaging, down-to-earth book on discovering local foods. Learn the powerful health, environmental, economic and community reasons to eat locally.

  • Practical, easy steps to a healthier you; a greener planet; and a stronger community
  • Clear direction and helpful steps for beginners
  • Encouragement and entertainment for committed locavores
  • Fascinating statistics, stories and many delicious recipes
  • Inspiring foreward by Amish farmer and author David Kline
  • Geiser and Amstutz, 8 1/2"x5 1/2", 179 pp.
Currently Unavailable
Introduction: An Invitation to the Local Table
1. The Benefits of Local Foods
2. Voting with Your Fork
3. Eating with the Seasons
4. Finding Local Foods
5. Serving up the Harvest
6. Bringing the Children on Board
7. Cost and Convenience
8. In Your Own Backyard
9. Surviving the Off-Season
10. Dining Out Closer to Home
11. Flowers: Going Beyond Food
12. Visions for the Future
Appendix A: Recipes
Appendix B: A Quick Guide to Vegetable and Fruit Storage and Preservation
Appendix C: What's in Season?

Excerpt from the Introduction:
We believe that the "eat local" trend is more than just a fad - it is a movement that is here to stay and may someday be a matter of survival in a world with fluctuating oil and food prices. This movement has sometimes been criticized as an elitist trend, where the well off feast on swanky gourmet food and luxury items that common folk can't afford. Local Choices refutes this misconception by bringing together stories of ordinary people who believe in the value of eating local and are making it a priority for their family. Most of our contributors are of average income (some well below average). They come from many walks of life and represent a variety of food philosophies, from strict vegetarian to committed carnivore. They have made sacrifices to choose foods that affect their health, their communities and their world in a positive way.

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