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Water: The Ultimate Cure Book
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Water: The Ultimate Cure Book

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Discover how your drinking habits can cause (or cure!) your headaches, lower back pain, stress and depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol, allergies, arthritis pain, overeating, insomnia and fatigue. This book helps you sift through “the water jungle” to find which water is right for you. Stop overlooking water’s essential role in your health. Here’s how.
  • Meyerowitz, 5-1⁄2"x8-1⁄2", 86 pp.
Table of Contents

Introduction by F. Batmanghelidj, MD
Don't Treat Thirst with Medications

The Importance of Water in Human Health
What Does Water Do?
The Dehydration Epidemic
Hydration vs. Dehydration
How Much to Drink?
What and When to Drink
Sodium and Potassium
Asthma, Allergies, and Dehydration
Cancer Protection from Water?
Lose Weight with Water
The Fountain of Youth
Hydrotherapy - The Curative Power of Water

What's Wrong with Our Drinking Water
The Pollutants
Gasoline & MTBE
Additives to Water
Fluoridation of Muncipal Water
Benefit to Children?
The Flouride - Cancer Link

Ecological Hazards of Modern Society
Pesticides and Herbicides
Quality of Pipes
Acid Rain
Heavy Metals
Copper and PVC Piping
Test it or Treat it?

Which Water is Right for You?

Bottled, Spring, and Mineral Waters
Non-Source Bottled Water
Plastic Bottles and Storage Containers
Understanding a Chemical Assay
Criteria for Choosing A Quality Bottled Water
Charcoal Water Filters
Granular Activated Carbon Filters
Carbon Block Filters
Submicron-Straining Carbon Purifiers

Ceramic Filters
KDF and Shower Filters
Water Softeners
Bactericides, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Silver
Ultraviolet Light
Reverse Osmosis
Home Distillation Systems
Distilled Water vs. Spring Water
The Leaching Controversy

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