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Heartland Oval Wood Cookstove with Reservoir
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Heartland Oval Wood Cookstove with Reservoir

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Who would have thought that a design first created in 1925 would warm our hearts and our homes today? The Heartland Oval is a classic beauty that has been the centerpiece of the kitchen for over five generations. USA made.
  • Warms up to 1,800 square feet
  • Solid cast iron cooking surface
  • 2.4 cubic foot oven - largest available on any cookstove
  • Upper warming cabinet
  • Top or front fuel loading
  • Large firebox for improved efficiency
  • Ash pan on sliding track

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The Heartland Oval is exempt from EPA regulations and is legal for sale in most of the USA.
You may feel yourself being naturally drawn to Heartland's woodburning cookstoves. After all, the original Oval has been heating homes, warming water and cooking meals for almost a century. We're proud to report that today's models offer the same dependability, comfort and tremendous versatility. But Heartland has incorporated some important changes to make your life a whole lot easier than your ancestor's. Available in a choice of two models: the Oval and the Sweetheart, a cozy addition to the smaller kitchen.

  • Burning efficiency, door gaskets and tight-fitting, spring-loaded, bell dampers enhance control over cooking temperature and afford longer lasting fires with ample heating power. The Oval is the largest cookstove in its class and heats up to 1800 square feet.
  • The firebox is extra-deep for those odd-sized logs. Easy loading through top (no back-breaking bending over) or front.
  • Ashpan with pail for one-handed unloading. Larger more versatile winter/summer design firebox gives all the heat you need in the winter. Come spring, simply slide grate out of lower track and lay on upper supports. Cook with small "summer-sized" fires. (Specify wood or coal grate when ordering).
  • "Hyper-Heat" exclusive water reservoir-Water temperatures approach 200 degrees F, 20% hotter than most cookstoves. Unique by-pass damper brings heat directly against the solid copper reservoir bottom for unsurpassed heat transfer. Silver-soldered joints mean the water is lead-free. Both the Oval and Sweet Heart have faucets in their reservoirs. Just turn the knob for convenient utility hot water.
    Caution: Water reservoir must be full of water when the stove is burning.

The Oval's base price includes

  • your choice of color -
    (white, black, or ivory).
  • a free lid lifter, poker and ash scraper.

  • Options for hot water needs: 5 gallon copper reservoir with spigot or hot water jacket
  • Optional Coal Grate Kit
  • Optional Heat Shield for reduced installation clearances
Specifications: Model: Oval
Cooktop surface: 35¼"W x 25¾"D
Oven size: 11½"H x 18"W x 20"D
Lids: Six - 9¼"
one - 6¼"
Winter firebox: 22"L x 9"W x 15"D
Summer firebox: 22"L x 9"W x 8"D
Ashpan size: 18"L x 7½"W x 6"D
Flue size: 6" diameter
Height: Overall - 62"
cooktop 32"
Depth: 35"
Width: No Reservoir: 41½"
With Reservoir: 47½"
Weight: No Reservoir: 610 lb
With Reservoir: 640 lb
Clearance: Behind: 27"
Side: 24"

Customer Reviews of Heartland Oval Wood Cookstove with Reservoir
Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0(6 reviews)
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- 12/27/2014
said: Damon P Lawlis
"My wife has had the black Oval with a H2O reservoir on the side. We inherited it from her family and I can remember it in their home when we were dating. It doesn't years in storage unprotected (in a shed with a "tarp" over it for 10 years. A little bit of TLC and it looks like new again. The quality and attention to detail is unheard of today....we will cherish it until our kids take it into their homes. You just can't buy quality like this anymore....we love it."
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- 10/1/2014
said: Anonymous User
"Absolutely adore my cookstove. The best purchase we made for our off grid home. They truely are a workhorse. I don't use the bell dampers, had gotten the fresh air kit for it so you don't use the bell dampers, but use the damper on the air pipe. We would be lost without this stove. When the day comes(if it ever does) I will be purchasing another one. The best tip I can tell people as far as oven heat, use an over thermometer that sits on the racks, and keep the smoke chamber around the oven box clean from ash. The ash will slow down the heating of the oven. "
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- 4/25/2014
said: D
"I have been cooking / baking / heating water with one for 23 years....GREAT!!! Art: Do you want to sell yours?"
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- 1/3/2013
said: Anonymous User
"My husband and I just purchased the Heartland Oval recently. We have never used a wood cook stove but had one stored to use in the future and lost it due to a house fire, so we replaced it with the wood stove of our dreams the Heartland Oval. We live in a very rural area in the NW and are looking forward to cooking on our new cook stove. It will also add extra heat to the colder end of our home. The literature/manual that came with the stove is very informative. We're so glad to have this beautiful piece of Americana sitting in our home. Everyone that we dealt with at Lehman's were extremely helpful to us and we would definitely recommend their services to our friends and anyone that asks. Lori & Jeff Kocol"
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- 5/27/2011
said: Dennis Rilling
"I was born into a home that had one of the original Renfrew Cookrite stoves. The new oval is a spinoff of this stove. I have used a wood stove in our home all my life. In 2000, I purchased the Oval. It is one of the finest stoves made, durable, efficient and now heats my 1800 sq ft new home in Canada. The only complaint is that the coal firebox is too deep.....fixed that by raising the grate to "summer level" just like the wood grate. Works GREAT and well worth the money I spent on purchasing the stove."
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- 2/1/2013
said: Art
"My wife and I have used a Kalamzoo President model cook stove made in 1920 for 30 years. We replaced it with an Oval cook stove with a heat shield and hot water jacket. The stove does not perform as advertised. We had to recement the firebox door gasket right after we uncrated it. It will not hold a fire for more than 4 hours. We bought it to heat (and cook on) for a new log cabin we built. Does a good job heating the cabin but does not hold a candle to the old President model stove we have as far as design. You have to reach across the cook surface to operate the oven damper. The spinners for draft control get so hot, gloves are required to open them after the stove has been shut down for any length of time. We cannot get the oven up to temperature and the oven temperature gauge on the front of the stove is worthless. Heartland had NOTHING to say about any of our issues. This is a great decorative piece and great for conversation but does not perform well as a cook stove and does not hold a fire overnight. We installed propane heaters as backup so we could get some sleep through the night. This is/was not a cheap unit. We do not feel we got our money's worth or value from this "investment.""
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