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Plain and Amish: An Alternative to Modern Pessimism Book
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Plain and Amish: An Alternative to Modern Pessimism Book

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A complete history from past to present describing every aspect of Amish life, faith, hope and vision. The German author gleans deeper insights into the ways and beliefs of these devout people.

  • Appendices, index
  • 45 pp of color, black and white photos
  • Langin, 5-1/2" x 8-1/4", 416 pp.

"The information contained in this book is as accurate as you will find anywhere."
-Cris Graber, Amish church member.
Foreword by Leonard Gross
Map of Amish Origins in Europe
Map of Major Amish Settlements to 1900
Dramatic Expansion

What Took Me to Allen County
  1. The Buckboard Still
  2. The Rebellion of the Saints
  3. Secrets of a Simple Life
  4. Old Faith in a New World
  5. Reformers Without Luther
  6. Idyllic World Before the Fall
  7. Peace as a Lifestyle
  8. The Past in Present Blossom
  9. God's Second Choice
  10. The Hard Search for Paradise

Biblical Principles of Amish Faith
Index of Persons
Index of Places
The Author

Excerpt from Chapter 1 "The Buckboard Still"
On warm summer days, a string of light carriages and fast horses extend along the paved road leading to Grabill. The buckboard still rolls here. It is barely an hour's distance by trotting time as the buggies stream past the many fences, erected to keep the cows in. The fences remind one of Amish church rules, dividing between members and the world. Once in Grabill and in front of life's many abominations like the automatic car-washes, the Chevrolet dealership, and the Sunoco gas station, the long line of carriages assembles as a body before an ice-cream parlor. "Healthy flesh has its urges," explain the men and women, all in uniform Amish dress.

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