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60-Watt "Under the Mantle" Bulb for Aladdin Lamps
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60-Watt "Under the Mantle" Bulb for Aladdin Lamps

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Give your antique or new Aladdin lamp the timeless look of a glowing mantle, but with the modern convenience of electricity. Our specially designed bulb fits under an Aladdin mantle (see directions for use in Details) to create the look of a glowing mantle, but all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.
  • 60W bulb performs like a halogen bulb, only better
  • No UV hazards, less heat build-up
  • Long life (avg. 3,000 hours)!
  • Very energy efficient
  • Bulb may also be used alone, without a mantle
  • 2 5/8"L overall, bulb 1 1/4"L, bottom 7/8"OD
  • Japan
If you're using this bulb under an Aladdin mantle, please follow these instructions BEFORE using the bulb:

You'll need to burn the blue coating off your new Aladdin mantle before you put it over this bulb. To do this, set your lamp's gallery on a table and put the mantle on the gallery. Light a match and very carefully, touch the flame to the edge of the blue coating. Do NOT touch the match itself to the mantle, or it could break. The mantle will catch fire and the flame could be up to 6-10" high (so don't be startled by it). Once the blue coating is burned off, the fire will go out by itself. Once your mantle cools, it is now ready to carefully place over the bulb in your lamp. When turned on, the mantle will glow just as if you are using a wick.

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