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Grass-Fed Cattle Book
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Grass-Fed Cattle Book

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Join the growing movement toward safe, healthy, sustainable grass-fed cattle farming! The production and marketing of natural beef has been called "one of the most exciting and hopeful movements in American agriculture today." This book walks you through each phase of production and teaches how to transition from a conventional grain-fed program to grass-fed.
  • Learn to manage grazing practices and soil and grass conditions; maximize cattle health, your time and resources; and successfully market your natural beef
  • Includes step-by-step workbook for detailed, customized business planning
  • Ruechel, 10-3/4" x 8-3/8", 372 pp.


  • Part One: The Fundamentals of Grass-Based Beef
    1. The Great Heards and Their Grasslands
    2. Genetics and Breeding: Selecting the Right Animals for Your Herd
    3. The Cattle Year on Grass
    4. Grass and Grazing
  • Part Two: Infrastructure and Management
    1. Electric Fences and Rotational Grazing
    2. Livestock Water
    3. Planning for Winter Grazing
    4. Planning for Drought
    5. Managing Your Herd
    6. Pests, Parasites, and Diseases
    7. Soil Fertility
    8. Weeds
    9. Soil Moisture and Irrigation
  • Part Three: Business Planning and Marketing
    1. Land and Equipment
    2. Market Options
    3. Stocker Cattle
    4. Grass-Finished Beef
    5. Organic Certification
    6. Dynamic Marketing
    7. Helpful Business-Management Tools
  • Part Four: Your Business Plan: Putting Principles into Practice
    1. Your Goals and Market Opportunities
    2. Your Financial Plans
    3. Your Cattle Year on Grass
    4. Your Grazing Infrastructure
    5. Your Grazing Plan
    6. Your Herd Nutrition Plan
    7. Your Grass-Finishing Plan
    8. Your Marketing Plan
    9. Planning for Adversity
    10. Planning for Change
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Excerpt from page 6-7.

Despite our dismal record of environmental stewardship, today we persist in inventing expensive technological quick fixes and artificial solutions for the troubling problems we face on our farms and in the environment. We have forgotten how to look to nature—to the great wild herds and their rich grasslands—for guidance and solutions.

The good news is that we don't have to run to fertilizer dealers, seed companies, Extension agents, and equipment dealers every time we want to increase our productivity and efficiency or try to resolve an issue on our farms. Technology has its place, but our first thought should be to look to nautre for practical and ecologically sustainable solutions. Animals and plants evolved for millions of years to live in sync with their environment. We certainly have not changed them so much in our short period of influence that they have lost the specialized adaptations, characteristics, and natural traits that made them so successful during their long history.

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