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The Good Life Book
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The Good Life Book

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The underground bible for the city-weary is how Newsweek described this book. Helen and Scott Nearing are the great-grandparents of the back-to-the-land movement. This edition combines both their books, Living the Good Life and Continuing the Good Life, into one volume. The classic guide to the theory and practice of rural homesteading. 8" x 5 1/4", 411 pp.

A Word from Helen
Living the Good Life
1. We search for the good life
2. Our design for living
3. We build a stone house
4. Our good earth
5. Eating for our health
6. Rounding out a livelihood
7. Living in a community
8. A balance sheet of the Vermont project

Continuing the Good Life
1. We move bag and baggage to Maine
2. Spring and summer gardening
3. The Fall garden
4. Wintertime gardening
5. Winter storage
6. Building the soil with compost
7. Water for house garden and a pond
8. Our cash crop: blueberries
9. Tree crops in Maine
10. Wood for fuel
11. Stone walls versus wire fences
12. Building stone structures
13. Remodeling old wooden buildings: don't!
14. Plans records and budgeting
15. Visitors and helpers
16. What we eat and why
17. We practice health
18. A rewarding way to live


Excerpt from Chapter 8
Homesteaders in the United States as elsewhere need a cash crop. Scrimp and manage as they will they cannot live in the midst of a money economy without using some cash money if only for the purchase of postage stamps.
We produce 85% of our food and all of our fuel except gasoline for the car. We must pay cash for spare parts replacement hardware. We pay our rent when we pay our local taxes. Some of our clothes we make some we buy in thrift shops and at rummage sales; a few clothes we buy new. We use and buy no habit-forming drugs including alcohol tobacco and caffeine. Our supply of printed matter postage and stationery comes to us via our Social Science Institute to which organization we hand over all royalties and lecture fees. Our travel expenses are paid by those who ask us to talk.
Surrounded as we are by a cash-credit economy we need a certain amount of cash income each year. If the amount of needed cash can be figured out in advance we can stick to our rule of no credit purchasing and no interest slavery.

Customer Reviews of The Good Life Book
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- 12/17/2012
said: Anonymous User
"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to "go back to the land." Helen and Scott Nearing used materials at hand, methods that will work today and used their backs doing it. Hard work, but it has rewards beyond words."
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- 12/17/2012
said: Anonymous User
"This book tells of the hard work and the rewards of going "back to the land". It really happened to these folks. And their methods can still be used today. I highly recommend this book!"
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