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Beginner's Home Canning Kit
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Beginner's Home Canning Kit

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Getting started is easy when you have the right tools. Our kit contains everything you need to start canning this summer:

  • High performance Black Enamelware canner with jar rack
  • Stainless steel jar funnel for pouring liquids, fruit or jelly into canning jars
  • Chrome-plated jar lifter to safely lift jars from hot water
  • 12 regular 1-quart Ball® canning jars with lids and bands
  • The famous Ball® Blue Book canning guide - one of the most trusted resources, with complete instructions and dozens of great canning recipes
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Note: The Black Granny-ware canner is not recommended for glass-top stoves since the bottom is not smooth.

Customer Reviews of Beginner's Home Canning Kit
Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0(11 reviews)
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- 8/9/2011
said: Jessie
"If this kit had the "magnetic lid lifter" ($1.95) included, then the kit would have been perfect. I had to go spend over $6 at a local store to get the lifter which also included the tongs, funnel and tool to get air bubbles out. I was in need immediately so didn't have time to order this item through Lehman's. The magnetic lid lifter isn't essential but would make a nice addition for future kits sales. Just a thought."
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