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Passport to Survival: 12 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living Book
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Passport to Survival: 12 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living Book

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Everyone will experience their own emergencies. If you prepare now, you can be ready when it happens. Whether it is loss of income or the family wage earner, or a natural or man-made disaster, learn to prepare before disaster strikes.
  • Design a food storage plan, what and where to store, emergency doctoring, much more
  • Bingham
  • 8-1/2" x 6"
  • 240 pp.
Table of Contents

Part One
Chapter 1 - Why Store?
Chapter 2 - What If?

Part Two
Chapter 3 - Twelve-Step Program
   Step 1 How to Afford and Maintain a Year's Supply
   Step 2 Building Your How-To Library
   Step 3 What Why Where and How to Store
   Step 4 Water - How Much to Store and How to Treat It
   Step 5 Food - What Does YOUR Body Really Need?
   Step 6 Food Preparation Equipment - What to Use and How
   Step 7 The Switch to Whole Foods - Everyday Recipes
   Step 8 Keeping Clean - Sanitation and Misc. Supplies
   Step 9 Energy - Lights Keeping Warm or Cool
   Step 10 Emergency Doctorin' - Home Health Care
   Step 11 Growing Spouting and Harvesting
   Step 12 Emergency Plans and 72-Hour Kits

Part Three
Chapter 4 - Helping Others
Chapter 5 - Completing the Preparedness Picture

Appendix 1 - Cooking Measurements
Appendix 2 - Words of the Prophets
Appendix 3 - Food Storage Questions
Appendix 4 - Glossary
Appendix 5 - Grocery Shopping List

Index To Recipes

Excerpt from Chapter 3 page 71
Containers for Water Storage
Bottles of heavy odorless plastic with tight-fitting caps are preferred for storing water. Use only containers that are used or made to hold food or water.
Do not use plastic milk bottles as they deteriorate and begin to leak within just a few months. Plastic soda bottles are excellent and are easy to carry in a 72-hour kit. Glass jugs or bottles with screw tops can also be used.
Metal containers tend to give water an unpleasant taste. Preparedness stores carry collapsible plastic 1-5 gallon water containers. Where space permits fill 55-gallon drums with water and equip them with an inexpensive hand pump.

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- 3/13/2012
said: Father Time
"This book is fabulous and also makes a great gift! The information contained is priceless! With the way things are these days, most families need this book!"
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