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Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats Book
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Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats Book

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Selection, housing, fencing, breeding, kidding, meat, milk and more by the leading authority. Belanger, 6" x 9", 288 pp.
Chapter 1 - Basic Information About Goats
Chapter 2 - Milk
Chapter 3 - Getting Your Goat
Chapter 4 - Housing
Chapter 5 - Fencing
Chapter 6 - Feeding
Chapter 7 - Grooming
Chapter 8 - Health
Chapter 9 - The Buck
Chapter 10 - Breeding
Chapter 11 - Kidding
Chapter 12 - Raising Kids
Chapter 13 - Milking
Chapter 14 - Keeping Records
Chapter 15 - Chevon
Chapter 16 - Dairy Products
Chapter 17 - Recipes for Goat Products

Excerpt from Chapter 6
No aspect of goat raising is more important than feeding. You can start out with the very finest stock housed in the most modern and sanitary building but without proper feeding your animals will be worthless. And feed is the goat owner's biggest expense.

The proper feeding of goats requires special emphasis for several reasons. High on this list is the fact that many people who start to raise goats have little or no experience with farm animals. Feeding goats is a lot different than feeding cats or dogs or parakeets. Goats are ruminants which affect their dietary needs. And unlike the average cat or dog goats are productive animals which puts additional strain on their bodies and requires additional nutriment.

The bulk of a goat's diet consists of forages: green plants or hay. But this doesn't mean that just any old grass will provide the nutrition a healthy milk-producing or pregnant goat requires. So we'll take a look at some of the more common pasture plants and what every goat owner should know about hay.

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