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Woodstove Cookery Book
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Woodstove Cookery Book

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Cooking techniques, keeping even temperatures, restoring and caring for cookstoves.
  • 200+ recipes
  • Jane Cooper
  • 6" x 9"
  • 196 pp.
Parts of the Stove
Getting the Stove
Setting Up
Fuel Supply
Care and Cleaning
Getting the Fire Going
Other Uses of the Stove
Now You're Cooking

Soups and Stews
Main Dishes: Top-of-the-Stove Wok and Baked
Cheese and Eggs
Broiling and Roasting
Homemade Soap and Other Sundries

Excerpt from Chapter on Care and Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning
The best time for cleaning chimneys is in the fall; by then the creosote has dried and become more brittle. But if you burn much green or softwood chimney inspections should be more frequent; a clogged chimney is like playing with fire.
The simplest way to clean a chimney is to hire a chimney sweep or call the fire department (it may provide that service). But with a little more effort you can do it yourself. One of the least complicated ways is to drop a logging chain into the chimney and wiggle and scrape it all around the sides. You also can bunch up a chain tie a rope around it and drop the bundle to scrape the chimney sides. Another method is to tie a weighted bag of straw to a long rope and run it up and down the shaft. Others attach two long ropes to either end of a spruce bough or small evergreen. One of the ropes is dropped into the chimney and is caught by a helper through the cleanout opening. The tree is then pulled back and forth producing the same story sort of action as a bottle brush.
If a chimney attached to a fireplace is being cleaned first be sure to seal off the hearth to prevent clouds of black soot from descending into the room.

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