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Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Book
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Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Book

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How topnotch care and facilities produce healthy horses. One of the "best equine books" says Horses All! Hill, 8 1/2" x 11", 179 pp.
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Table of Contents

  &nbspChapter 1 - The Benefits and Responsibilities of Horse Ownership
  &nbspChapter 2 - Horse Behavior as it Relates to Management
  &nbspChapter 3 - The needs of a Horse
  &nbspChapter 4 -Levels of Management

  &nbspChapter 5 - Choosing an Acreage
  &nbspChapter 6 - Designing the Layout
  &nbspChapter 7 - Barn Construction
  &nbspChapter 8 - Inside the Barn
  &nbspChapter 9 - Other Buildings
  &nbspChapter 10 - Machinery and Equipment
  &nbspChapter 11 - Fencing Your Training

  &nbspChapter 12 - Pasture and Hay Field Management
  &nbspChapter 13 - Water
  &nbspChapter 14 - Sanitation
  &nbspChapter 15 - Fire Prevention
  &nbspChapter 16 - Daily Routines and Management Plans
  &nbspChapter 17 - Record Keeping

Excerpt from Preface.
  &nbspIt was a hot" sticky July day in northeast Iowa. The auctioneer had moved through most of the household goods and furniture and all of the shop and farm tools. The crowd was thinning and those that were left were congregating under the huge shade tree on the side lawn. My husband and I had purchased a rake and a stepladder and stood leaning against them while we waited for the final item to be sold - the house and ten acres.
  &nbspThe house was definitely modest and the well might have been an early experiment in hand - dug wells. The garage was Model T size but at least there was no old barn that had to be torn down. The ten acres were as flat as a pancake and covered in shoulder high ironweed. There wasn't a single fence post or rail in sight but there was rich Mid-west dirt and sub-irrigated fields. The road out front was lazy and peaceful yet it was only ten miles from a fair-sized town.
  &nbspFar from ideal yet if it went for an affordable price it might make a nice little horse farm. Finally just a dozen folks were left and only two parties were bidding. When the gavel rang for the last time my husband looked at me with a smile and said "I guess I'll put the ladder and the rake back in the garage!". We were ready once again to set up horsekeeping!
  &nbspI simply cannot imagine life without horses. It's not that horses are more important than or a substitute for people or other activities but horses do have a special way of making life's big picture complete. When my schedule or the weather does not allow me to ride the day feels as if it has a piece missing. But then riding is just one of part of the horse experience. Conscientiously caring for animals brings a wonderful sense of satisfaction. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as a job well done and the pride of owning a healthy fit well-trained and happy horse is great. Just imagine being able to see the fruits of your efforts as you glance out the window to check on your broodmare and foal as you stroll through your well-manicured pasture or as you open the door to your tidy tack room to prepare for a morning ride.
Copyright permission given by Storey Books.

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