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A Book for Midwives
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A Book for Midwives

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Written for caregivers who are concerned about the health of pregnant women and their babies. Learn about helping mothers stay healthy during pregnancy, helping mothers have safer labors and births, and giving care to new babies.
  • Written for caregivers in developing countries but applicable for anyone interested in this area of health care
  • Detailed index, vocabulary section and table of medicines
  • Klein
  • 7-1/4" x 9-3/4"
  • 528 pp.
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Chapter 1: Words to midwives
Chapter 2: Treating health problems
Chapter 3: A woman's body during pregnancy
Chapter 4: Helping pregnant women stay healthy
Chapter 5: Preventing infection
Chapter 6: Common changes in pregnancy
Chapter 7: Learning a pregnant woman's health history
Chapter 8: Prenatal checkups
Chapter 9: Getting ready for labor and birth
Chapter 10: Giving good care during labor and birth
Chapter 11: Opening: stage 1 of labor
Chapter 12: Pushing: stage 2 of labor
Chapter 13: The birth of the placenta: stage 3 of labor
Chapter 14: The first few hours after the birth
Chapter 15: The first weeks after the birth
Chapter 16: Breastfeeding
Chapter 17: Family planning
Chapter 18: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Chapter 19: Advanced skills for pregnancy and birth
Chapter 20: The pelvic exam: How to examine a woman's vagina and womb
Chapter 21: How to insert a IUD
Chapter 22: Helping a woman after a pregnancy ends early
Chapter 23: Manual vacuum aspiration
Chapter 24: Getting medical help
Chapter 25: Homemade tools and teaching materials
Medicine (green pages): uses, dosage and precautions
To learn more
Technical and medical words
Index (yellow pages)
Due date calculator

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