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Unique Gas Ranges - 24" Black
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Unique Gas Ranges - 24" Black

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With sleek, modern good looks, enhanced functionality and a smaller environmental footprint, these stoves take off-grid living to a new level of convenience. Known for their elite gas-powered refrigerators, Unique has built a brand-new gas range designed to work great, use less energy and save you money.
  • Look great in any kitchen
  • Available in black or white to complement any kitchen, from traditional to ultra-modern
  • Contemporary knobs with stainless steel bezels and handles
  • CSA approved for North America
  • Made in Canada

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Uses virtually no electricity-Just two 9V batteries per season. There are no standing pilot lights on the top burners, so there's no wasted fuel. That's not only more efficient, but it also saves you money.

Designed with active families in mind-With the safer, 9V ignition system, there's no need for matches. Sealed burner cooktop won't let food fall down below, saving lots of cleanup time. Single surface cast iron grates provide safer pot movement. Cast iron burner caps and anti-tip device are standard on both models. Bottom drawer flips down to reveal broiler.

Burners - Four, 8,000 btu
Oven - 14"Hx19"Wx19"D
Overall - 40-1/2"Hx24"Wx24"D
Cooktop - 35"H
Weight - 142 lb

Customer Reviews of Unique Gas Ranges - 24" Black
Product Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0(5 reviews)
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- 6/26/2012
said: april s
"We purchased this stove just over a month ago. I use the stove daily for cooking and baking. I love the continuous grates and how easy it makes moving large pots around on top of the stove especially when I am canning. I love knowing that it doesnt require electric and will continue to work in the event of an outage. I am very pleased and would recommend this stove."
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- 6/11/2010
said: Maureen Ann R. Kingsbury
"Finally got the part last night from the factory. My husband got it installed and I have gas to my oven. It is all back together and working just fine. Can't wait till I start baking tomorrow morning. Lehman's you are the best! This stove looks so good in my kitchen and very easy to clean and operate. Again, Lehman's is on the top of my list!"
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- 4/9/2012
said: Ken Thiltges
"Overall we really like the Unique stove. We are in an area where we lose power a lot, so it is great. The print on the control knobs needs to be improved as it comes off easily, and the oven racks need to be heavier built. But on the whole, we really like our Unique stove."
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- 1/8/2010
said: Linda Low
"Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly: First, the good: The continuous, heavy-gauge grate is perfect for managing large kettles and pots for canning. They remove easily for cleaning. I like the idea of black enamel for disguising the inevitable stains that occur during the canning process, as a result of high temps and spills. The battery-powered igniters work reliably. I love the cooktop design in close proximity to the burners, so that food cannot drop below the cooktop. The overall appearance is slightly retro, but timeless, nonetheless. I like the simple design and lack of bells and whistles. On the downside, the markings on the temperature control knobs has started to wear off in the first two weeks of operation. The oven rack supports are poorly designed so that the rack tends to tilt forward when it is slid out of the oven, risking the danger of having a hot dish slide off and onto the user’s feet. The cooktop enamel discolors very easily if spills are not wiped up immediately. Set up was far from easy . . . The instructions on the conversion kit were vague, and much avoidable adjustment was necessary to get the burners to operate properly. The flame is not as compact and intense as on my old gas range, so I have to turn the flame up high to get a reasonable boiling time, resulting in a soft, billowy flame that wafts around the pot. The flame goes out entirely when the burners are turned to “low”. The fittings on the oven temperature control stripped out within two weeks of obtaining the stove. Access to replace the 9-volt battery for ignition is inconviently located behind the “kick-panel”, which needs a screwdriver to be removed."
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- 6/7/2010
said: Maureen Ann Kingsbury
"My stove arrived and It is beautiful. Unfortunately the oven does not work. There is a bad part. My husband contacted Lehman's and was taken care of with the name and number for the manufacturer. He then called them and they tried to work out the problem. So now we have to wait for a new part to see if that will fix it. In the mean time I don't have a stove. My thanks to Lehman's though you were right on top of it. We have had nothing but good products and support from Lehmans. I will continue to purchase most all my products from them. I really want to bake some bread though! Love and Prayers... Maureen Ann"
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