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A Museum of Early American Tools Book
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A Museum of Early American Tools Book

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Artist, philosopher and historian Eric Sloane is widely credited as the foremost authority on Early American rural architecture and tools.
  • His works, which are filled with his elegant pen-and-ink drawings, are considered vital historical sources on their respective subjects.
  • Originally published in the 1950s and 1960s, many have been out of print for years - and we're pleased to help give them the recognition they deserve.
  • Describes in detail scores of early American tools, and the wooden and metal artifacts made with them.
  • Covers building tools and methods; farm and kitchen implements; and the tools of wheelwrights, coopers, blacksmiths, tanners, and many other craftsmen of the pre-industrial age.
  • 9-1/8" x 6-3/8", 108 pp.
  1. Author's Note
    1. The Romance of Tools
    2. Crude Shops, Magnificent Results
    3. An Ax is an Axe!
    4. A World of Axes
    5. The Broad Axe
    6. How the Broad Axe Was Used
    7. A Giant and a Midget
    8. The Hatchet
    9. Hammers
    10. The Axe and the Log House
    11. The Adze
    12. Canoes and Bowls
    13. Wedges and Froes
    14. The Fine Art of Splitting
    15. Tools with Legs
    16. The American Horse
    17. For Making "Snitzels"
    18. Little Shavers and Big
    19. The Days of River Rafting
    20. Tools of the River Lumberman
    21. Of Cider and Apple Butter
    22. To Remove Bark
    23. Two Heads Are Better Than One
    24. The Chisel
    25. Chisels and Gouges
    26. Planes
    27. The Moulding Plane
    28. The Rabbet
    29. The Plow
    30. Early American Saws
    31. A Gallery of Frame Saws
    32. The Biggest Saws
    33. To Make a Hole
    34. To Make a Hole Bigger
    35. To Make a Bigger Hole
    36. The Brace or Bitstock
    37. The Things You'll Find in a Barn!
    38. Some Were Special
    39. These Were Tools Too!
    40. Jacks
    41. The Blacksmith
    42. Wrought Nailmaking
    43. Tanners and Curriers
    44. About Wheels
    45. It's All in the Way You Hit It
    46. Hay Implements
    47. Knives and Grass
    48. Found in the Barn
  2. Index

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- 12/22/2010
said: Janice
"I gave this book to a friend for Christmas. They were very pleased to receive it, and immediately began to look up information about an item which they had. This book actually contained pictures of the rare item and a description of it. They were able to confirm that their item is rare and may date back to the 1700's! They were very pleased to find this information! Thank you."
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