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Eric Sloane's Weather Book
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Eric Sloane's Weather Book

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Artist, philosopher and historian Eric Sloane is widely credited as the foremost authority on Early American rural architecture and tools.
  • His works, which are filled with his elegant pen-and-ink drawings, are considered vital historical sources on their respective subjects.
  • Originally published in the 1950s and 1960s, many have been out of print for years - and we're pleased to help give them the recognition they deserve.
  • 11" x 8-3/8", 90 pp.
  1. Author's Note
  1. The Human Side of the Weather
  2. The Anatomy of Air
  3. Air Has Weight
  4. Isobars
  5. Weather is a Circular Affair
  6. Fronts and Masses
  7. The Warm Front
  8. The Cold Front
  9. The Line Squall
  10. The Weather Map
  11. About Winds
  12. The World of Clouds
  13. Winds That Do No Good
  14. Atmospheric Antics

Excerpt from page 3.

The weather is with us wherever we are, yet nothing is more taken for grated than the daily drama of the sky.

The heavens are a fairyland, filled with marvels, to anyone who opens his mind and spirit to them; facts are often as inspiring as the fancies and what one sees aloft in the skies is as real as anything to be experienced on earth.

Our heads are often bowed down with the material burdens of life, but we know that all through the ages thinking people have found time to look upward and to seek peace and solace in the panorama of weather. Emerson called the sky the daily bread of his eyes. Ruskin called it amost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity. Lincoln said he could not imagine a man looking up a the sky and denying God. These spiritual qualities of weather frequently outweight the adverse influences that rain and snow have on our daily lives. They are, to my way of thinking, important enough to be a part of any book about the weather.

This book may help the read3er to learn how the forecast tomorrow's weather; more important, it is hoped the book will give to many a new concept of weather, that it will explain the character as well as the mechanics of the sky and the atmosphere. Not everyone can be a meteorologist; but it is easy to be weather-wise, and the pleasure of being close to the weather is endless.

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- 4/29/2009
said: Michael Moeller
"One of the best books on weather basics without getting too technical. Highly recommended"
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