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How to live without electricity - and like it Book
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How to live without electricity - and like it Book

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Do you want to be prepared in case of a power outage? Do you live in a place where it's impractical to run power lines? Do you want to become independent of the utility company and get off the grid? This book tells you how! Lighting, heating, refrigeration, radio communications, solar power, water and lots more.
  • One of our most popular books for years
  • A great introduction for beginners
  • Published in the 1990s with principles that still apply today
  • Evangelista
  • 5-1/2" × 8-1/2"
  • 152 pp.
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Table of Contents

Chapter One - Electricity Power And All That
Chapter Two - Let There Be Light!
Chapter Three - Water: How to Get It; How to Store It
Chapter Four - Cookin' With Gas... And Wood... And More
Chapter Five - Heat For A Cold Winter
Chapter Six - Keeping Cool and Collected
Chapter Seven - Refrigeration and Frozen GoodiesMinus Electricity
Chapter Eight - Keeping the Lines of Communication Open
Chapter Nine - Generating the Big P - Power and Batteries

Excerpt From Chapter 6
Keeping Cool and Collected
Heat doesn't have to become something you dread. If it's 95° outdoors and 80° indoors in the summer that's a significant temperature difference. You might not feel like doing aerobics at 80o but you could take care of your regular daily activities with minimal discomfort.

If there is a way you can keep indoor air moving you'll feel even more comfortable. When building a home put windows where the prevailing wind can enter and leave. Make your eaves twice the size your plans suggest and you'll add shade and protection as well. Twelve-volt and solar fans are ideal additions during this time of year and often give just enough air movement to keep you really at ease.

Move your bed to the coolest room in the house (who cares what the neighbors think!) and you'll come through hot weather without too many complaints.

Copyright permission given by Loompanics Unlimited

Customer Reviews of How to live without electricity - and like it Book
Product Rating: 3.2 out of 5.0(13 reviews)
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- 3/17/2011
said: Tom
"I to was dissapointed with the book. Should have read the reviews. It is a very basic, perhaps below beginner book that was written off of the catalog."
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- 2/25/2011
said: Denny
"Was hoping to read something that was new or enlightening. Instead I bought this book that generalizes about most subject. No real hands on practical information. A lot of the information is outdated since written in 1997. This book is best for those that just like to read without need any new information. The best is the cost of the book from Lehman's which should tell you something. Better books are Encyclopidia of Country Living."
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- 12/24/2010
said: Tami Varnam
"I purchased this book based on the title. I was so disappointed. There is NOTHING about adapting and enjoying life without electricity.This book reads like an extended high school term paper and sounds like it was written by an adolescent, at best. It is a catalog telling about non-electric products. If you are at this website chances are you know about these products already.This book is not the least bit informative, encouraging or minutely entertaining. It just rehashes basic facts that are common knowledge or can be read on millions of internet sites and in middle school text books.This book is not worth the money you spend on it, as little as that is. Your money would be put to better use by purchasing a Storey publication or Carla Emery's "Encyclopedia of Country Living"."
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