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Old Ways Rediscovered Book
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Old Ways Rediscovered Book

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100s of all-natural recipes and a wealth of valuable information collected by three generations of an American family. Herbs, health foods and teas, gardening, home-made soap, more. Meyer, 6" x 9", 135 pp.
Currently Unavailable
Favorite Old-Time Herbs & Their Uses
Dieting Health & Sleep Advice
Foods & Flavors
Teas Tisanes & Natural Drinks
Bathing & Beauty Secrets
Make Your Own Soap & Other Family Matters
Plants Pests & Garden Topics
Gleaned From Old Books

  &nbspThe following was taken from an old news clipping. It is very interesting to note that certain plants in a well-known gold region show a content of .015 ounces of gold per ton while the gold content in the ground is considerably lower.
  &nbspDifferent plants concentrate gold at different rates. The largest gold content has been found in horsetail; almost four and one-half ounces of gold per ton is on record. In tin-bearing region the vegetation generally shows a considerable content of tin and similarly with zinc, lead and other minerals.
  &nbspWhile the main value of the horsetail would lie in its ability to provide clues to the presence of gold-bearing ore bodies below the surface it was pointed out that it might also turn out to be a highly useful agent in concentrating very low grade ores of gold know to exist on the surface of wide areas particularly in the glacial drift regions."
  &nbspNOTE: Horsetails or scouring rushes are "living fossils" of the Coal Age. These plants contain more plant-digested silica than any other plant in the vegetable kingdom. Indians used the plant for cleaning and scrubbing cooking utensils. It was used in colonial times to polish pewter and tin. Medicinally the plant is regarded astringent and diuretic.
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