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Saving Seeds: Guide to Growing and Storing Seeds
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Saving Seeds: Guide to Growing and Storing Seeds

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Save money, preserve old-time seed favorites, grow your own flower or vegetable seeds to share.
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Table of Contents

PART I: Basic Information
Chapter 1 - Why Raise Seeds?
Chapter 2 - What is a Seed?
Chapter 3 - How Seeds are Formed
Chapter 4 - Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials
Chapter 5 - Pollination
Chapter 6 - Selecting Seed Parents
Chapter 7 - Collecting Seeds
Chapter 8 - Extracting and Drying Seeds
Chapter 9 - Storing Seeds
Chapter 10 - Testing Seeds

PART II: The Vegetables
TABLE I: Characteristics of Common Vegetables Saved for Seed
POACEAE (Grass Family)
Sweet Corn / Popcorn

LILLACEAE (Lily Family)
Asparagus / Chive / Garlic / Leek / Onion

POLYGONACEAE (Buckwheat or Rhubarb Family)
CHENOPODIACEAE (Goosefoot Family)
Beet / Swiss Chard / Spinach

TETRAGONIACEAE (New Zealand Spinach Family)
New Zealand Spinach

BRASSICACEAE (Mustard or Cabbage Family)
Cabbage / Broccoli / Brussels Sprouts / Cauliflower / Chinese Cabbage / Kale / Kohlrabi / Turnip / Rutabaga /Horseradish / Radish

FABACEAE (Bean Family)
Pea / Peanut / Bean / Lima Bean / Cowpea / Soybean

MALVACEAE (Mallow Family)

APIACEAE (Celery Family)
Carrot / Celeriac / Celery / Parsley / Parsnip

SOLANACEAE (Nightshade Family)
Eggplant / Pepper / Tomato / Potato

CUCURBITACEAE (Gourd or Cucumber Family)
Squash / Pumpkin / Cucumber / Muskmelon / Watermelon

ASTERACEAE (Aster Family)
Lettuce / Jerusalem Artichoke / Salsify

TABLE II: A Checklist of Some Seed-Borne Vegetable Diseases
PART III: The Flowers
The Best Flowering Ornamentals to Save for Seed
  Alyssum, Sweet
  Aster, China
  Balsam, Garden
  Bean, Scarlet Runner
  Cabbage, Flowering
  Candytuft, Globe
  Canterbury-Bellsv   Celosia
  Coreopsis, Golden
  Daisy, English
  Daisy, Gloriosa
  Daisy, Swan River
  Flax, Flowering
  Kale, Flowering
  Larkspur, Annual
  Lobelia, Annual
  Lupine, Dwarf
  Mallow, Rose
  Moss Rose
  Phlox, Annual
  Poppy, California
  Poppy, Opium
  Poppy, Shirley
  Rocket, Sweet or Dame's
  Scabious, Sweet
  Spider Flower
  Sweet Pea
  Sweet William
  Tobacco, Flowering

Mail-Order Seed Sources
Further Reading
Glossary for Gardeners
Average Frost Date Maps

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- 9/8/2012
said: Debbie
"this book has great info about seeds on the most commonly grown vegetables instead of the more exotic ones. The info on seed-borne diseases would be helpful to someone new to this technique"
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