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Pickles and Relishes Book
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Pickles and Relishes Book

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Nothing adds zing to a good meal like a tasty relish, a sour pickle, or some mouth-watering sauerkraut.
  • This book is a guide for beginners and a coach for the experienced pickler
  • 150 recipes on pickling everything from apples to beans to corn to zucchini
  • Most things in between
  • An especially good section on making sauerkraut
  • Chesman
  • 8-1/2" x 7-1/4"
  • 150 pages

Part I - How to Make Pickles and Relishes

  1. Ingredients
  2. Equipment
  3. Fresh-Pack and Brining

Part II - Recipes

  1. Bread 'n Butters
  2. A Host of Sweet and Sour Pickles
  3. Cucumber Dill Pickles
  4. Refrigerator and Freezer Pickles
  5. Apples to Zucchini: Pickled Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Relishes and Sauces

Adjusting for Altitude
Weights and Measures
What Went Wrong?

Excerpt from Chapter 3

5 pounds cabbage 12 juniper berries
3 T. pickling salt ½ cup Chablis wine

Shred the cabbage. Layer the cabbage salt and 3 juniper berries per layer in a large crock or bowl that holds at least 1 gallon. Tap every other layer with a potato masher to get rid of trapped air bubbles. Cover with a clean cloth and weigh down with a heavy plate. Place this container in another pan to collect fermenting juices that overflow. Place in an area that remains between 65° and 75° F.

By the next day brine will form and cover the cabbage. By the second day scum will start to form. On the second day pour the wine over all. Rinse the plate and cloth and replace each day. Skim off any scum that has formed after 2 weeks. Skim again after 4 weeks.

To can (hot pack only) heat the sauerkraut to simmer. Do not boil. Pack in clean hot jars. Leave ½" headspace. If you run short of juice mix a brine of 1 ½ T. pickling salt to 1 quart boiling water. (Divide this mixture among the jars; do not use the new brine to fill just 1 jar.) Seal. Process 10 minutes for pints 15 minutes for quarts.

Saurerkraut can be stored in a crock and not canned if the area in which it is stored stays at a constant 38 degrees F. When removing a portion of sauerkraut from the crock make sure that the remaining sauerkraut is covered with brine. Mix more brine 1½ T. of pickling salt to 1 quart of water if neccessary. Always use a glass or china cup to remove a portion of sauerkraut.

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