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Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas Book
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Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas Book

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A 17-year old series of how-to reference books that has been completely updated. Each book contains information on selection, housing, breeding and birthing techniques, feeding, behavior, health concerns and remedies for illness. Previously called "Raising the Modern Way".

Easy to raise and manageable, llamas are used for packing, protecting other livestock, producing fleece and organic fertilizer, showing, more. Buying, breeding, profit opportunities, herd management, birthing, feeding, housing, health care, trade secrets and marketing tips. Birutta, 6" x 9", 336 pp.

Part One: Getting Started
   1. Introduction to Llamas
   2. Buying Your First Llama
   3. Nutrition and Feeding
   4. Facilities and Equipment
   5. Health
   6. The Heard Sire
   7. The Dam
   8. Crias and Young Llamas
   9. Breeding Genetics and Herd Management

Part Two: Llamas as a Business
   10. Starting and Building Your Business
   11. Showing
   12. Packing
   13. Fleece
   14. Organic Fertilizer
   15. Livestock Guardians

   Postscript: To Always Have Llamas
   Appendix A: Associations and Organizations
   Appendix B: Supplies
   Appendix C: Other Resources
   About the Author
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Excerpt from Foreword
   The llama industry has enjoyed considerable growth in the past two decades. With this influx of new llama owners comes the need for a practical guide. Most books on the subject of llamas assume that you already own one; the don't consider the many people who want to know how to get started with these delightful animals - and what to do with them once they've brought them home. That's where this book comes in.
   This guide will take you from your first steps in acquiring a llama through all aspects of its care. You'll discover numerous business opportunities and learn how to manage market and expand your enterprise. If you want to breed llamas you'll learn how to recognize a top sire and where to advertise his services.
   I'd like to extend a welcome to the wonderful world of llamas. These playful animals will enchant you with their antics. Their docile tranquil nature will ease away your tensions. Llamas provide a host of business opportunities whether your interest lies in breeding fiber production pack expeditions or even marketing fertilizer. Llamas are excellent guard animals that stand sentinel over your other livestock. They make terrific 4-H projects. As companions their therapeutic benefits are well known. And if you keep llamas as pets well your children will pass countless hours enjoying them (and so will you).
   It's easy to fall in love with these remarkable animals: Who could resist those enormous trusting eyes? Once you fall under their spell you'll be entranced for life just as I am.
Copyright permission given by Storey Communications Inc.

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