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The Composting Toilet System Book
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The Composting Toilet System Book

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A must-read for anyone who owns, or is planning to buy a composting toilet. Choosing, designing, installing and maintaining your system.
  • Del Porto and Steinfeld
  • 8-1/2"x11", 234 pp.
Chapter 1 - Shift Happens
Chapter 2 - The Big Picture: Managing Wastewater Sustainably
Chapter 3 - What Is a Composting Toilet System and How Does it Compost?
Chapter 4 - Choosing and Planning a Composting Toilet System
Chapter 5 - Installing Your System
Chapter 6 - Operating and Maintaining Your Composting Toilet System
Chapter 7 - The Systems
Chapter 8 - Composting Toilets at Work
Chapter 9 - What About Graywater?
Chapter 10 - The Future of Composting Toilet Systems

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Excerpt from page 1
This book focuses on composting toilets (also known as dry waterless and biological toilets and non-liquid saturated systems) because among wastewater treatment technologies they are one of the most direct ways to avoid pollution and conserve water and resources. Of course most people who install composting toilets do so simply because they need to have a toilet system where a septic system cannot be installed.
Long used by a developing countries parks off-the-grid homeowners and cottage owners around the world composting toilet systems are now making their way into mainstream year-round homes for many reasons.

The Big Flush
Every day most of us use an average of 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters) of drinking-quality water to flush a toilet just once. At 5.2 flushed per day the average American uses 6 263 gallons (23 705 liters) of drinking water each year to flush away 1 300 pounds of excrement. By the year 2000 that means 1 615 590 954 000 gallons (6 trillion liters) of water will be flushed away daily in the United States!

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