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Oxen: A Teamsters Guide
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Oxen: A Teamsters Guide

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Operating Manual for the Mighty Ox

The definitive guide to training and working oxen. Learn how to select the ideal team, feed and house your oxen, train calves and mature cattle, correctly fit a yoke and bows, keep your oxen healthy, and much more.

  • Updated, expanded 2nd edition
  • Written by Drew Conroy, Ph.D., Professor of applied animal science at the Unitersity of New Hampshire and consultant to teamsters around the world
  • 11" x 8 1/2", 291 pp.

1. Selecting the Ideal Team
2. Housing Your Oxen
3. Feeding Your Oxen
4. Principles of Training
5. Training Steers
6. Advanced Training
7. Training Mature Cattle
8. Yoke Styles
9. Making a Neck Yoke and Bows
10. Hitching Options
11. Oxen in Agriculture
12. Logging with Oxen
13. Working Oxen in Public
14. Competing with Oxen
15. Keeping Oxen Healthy
16. Hoof Care
17. The Problem Team
18. Oxen in History
19. International Development

Glossary of Ox Terms

Excerpt from Chapter 4
Keys to Training
Training oxen is easiest when the animals are calves but sometimes starting calves is not possible. No matter what age they are it is important to avoid discouraging the animals during training. A slightly tired animal pays attention; an exhausted and sore animal resists the entire training process. Learn to read your cattle and understand what you can expect of them.
Many teamsters fail in training cattle because they believe they should train their animals with kindness and adoration. As a teamster you must develop a relationship with your animals based on respect and dominance. This relationship is easy to establish in younger animals that have been handled often but is difficult to instill in older cattle. Yet is it critical if you expect to have a team that can be trusted in the yoke.

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