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The Carbon Buster's Home Energy Handbook
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The Carbon Buster's Home Energy Handbook

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Reduce your carbon emissions and save money - up to $17,000 in 5 years! This book analyzes energy costs and evaluates which measures yield the highest returns for the environment and your pocketbook.

  • Provides detailed accounting of a typical family's carbon emissions and how to reduce them by up to 73%
  • Tips virtually any family can use - from baby steps to "carbon miser" strategies
  • Stoyke, 9"x6", 170 pp
Slowing Climate Change and Saving Money

Except from Chapter 2:
The purpose of this book is to show you the most effective, and most cost-effective, ways to reduce your carbon emissions, and the best ways to reduce your family's energy bills.

While there are many lifestyle changes and behaviors you can adopt to reduce your ecological footprint, this book primarily describes products and technologies.

What these technologies demonstrate is that you can solve the greenhyouse gas problem single-handedly, or at least your family's contribution to it, simply by making good buying choices.

Furthermore, doing so will require no great sacrifices on your part. In fact, many of the environmentally superior products are also of higher quality, more comfortable, healthier for you, and more fun to use.

Finally, in addition to their environmental benefits, these productrs will save you a substantial amount of your annual expenses, allowing you to redirect the savings to enjoyable (and hopefully environmentally benign) purposes, or simply allowing you to work less and spend more meaningful time with your family.

Chapter 1 - Carbon Busting for Fun and Profit
Chapter 2 - Conventions and Assumptions
Chapter 3 - For Busy People: Top Recommendations at a Glance
Chapter 4 - Your Family's Carbon Pie
Chapter 5 - Home Improvement: Green Home Design
Chapter 6 - Green Transportation
Chapter 7 - Electric Power
Chapter 8 - Green Heating
Chapter 9 - Cooling
Chapter 10 - Liquid Assets
Chapter 11 - Environmental Goods and Services
Chapter 12 - Putting It All Together
Appendix A: Top Carbon Buster Measures
Appendix B: Highest CROI
Appendix C: Best Investments
Appendix D: Highest Dollar Savings
Appendix E: Complete Savings Results
Appendix F: Typical Household Energy Consumption
Appendix G: Average Energy Prices
Appendix H: CO2 Emission Factors
Appendix I: CO2 Emissions from Electricity Production
Appendix J: Energy Conversion Factors
Appendix K: Metric Conversions
Appendix L: How to Correct for Local Energy Prices
Appendix M: For More Information
Glossary of Terms
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