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Jerky Book
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Jerky Book

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Popular as a snack or as high energy food for backpackers, trail walkers and hunters, jerky is simply raw meat dried at a low temperature. As moisture is reduced, flavor is concentrated.
  • Over 100 recipes for jerky and jerky dishes using beef, venison, fish or fowl
  • By A. D. Livingston
  • 8-1/4" x 5-1/2"
  • 151 pp


  • Part One: Ways to Make Jerky
    1. Kitchen Oven Jerky
    2. Electric Dehydrator Jerky
    3. Camp and Old-Time Jerky
    4. Slab and Chuck Jerky
    5. Ground-Meat Jerky

  • Part Two: Beef, Venison, and Other Meats for Jerky
    1. Beef: It's for Jerky
    2. Venison Jerky
    3. Other Domestic Game and Exotic Meat Jerky
    4. Bird Jerky
    5. Fish Jerky

  • Part Three: Making Use of Jerky
    1. Pemmican
    2. Cooking with Jerky

  • Appendix A: Jerky Ingredients and Safety
  • Appendix B: Sources
  • Index

Excerpt from Introduction.

Jerky is simply raw meat that has been slowly dried at low temperature. As the water is removed the meat loses both weight and volume. What it doesn't lose however is flavor. In fact the flavor of the meat is greatly concentrated which might explain why just about everybody with good teeth loves jerky.

These days jerky is popular as snack and it also comes in handy as a high-energy food for backpackers dogsledders trail walkers hunters fishermen boaters and other people who spend lots of time outdoors. For long-distance runners and sports competitors jerky can deliver a burst of energy all out of proportion to its compact size and light weight. For campers jerky is easy to pack and store. On an auto trip jerky is great for the kids and doesn't make a mess in the car and or course it's perfect for snacking during the football game or television shows - and for sneaking into movie theathers that don't allow their patrons to bring their own popcorn. Family dogs savor the stuff too if my Nosher is a good representative.

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