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Pressure Handwasher
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Pressure Handwasher

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14 reviews
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Newly Improved Design!

Portable and quick, this little handwasher cleans small loads of laundry with very little water and soap, in only two minutes! When warm water is sealed in the airtight drum, the heat causes the air to expand, which builds pressure. This drives the soap and water into the clothing and combines with agitation to "blow" the dirt out.
  • Ideal for delicate fabrics (use lukewarm water)
  • New patented lid is easy to remove with built-in lever
  • Metal axle is now built inside the unit for sturdier construction and long-lasting use
  • Maximum load: 5 adult shirts or a pair of jeans
  • Works best on small loads
  • 17"H, 14"W, 5 lb
  • Imported

Note: This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer and can only be shipped to a physical address. Delivery may take several weeks or longer. It will ship parcel post to AK, HI and Canada (please call us for a quote: 1-800-438-5346).

Missionaries, travelers, college students, off-grid homesteaders and power outage victims will love this little handwasher. Several big improvements make this model much more stable and convenient than those we've offered in the past.
  • Wide base with 4 suction cups on the bottom
  • Secure handle and rigid arms
  • Solid metal drive shaft
  • Convenient, removable drainage tube (11-1/4"L) with slide in self-opening/self-closing valve - insert the tube and open the drain without spilling a drop
  • Water tight seal on lid
* NOTE: This product is drop shipped. This means it is shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take an extra week or two to be delivered.

Customer Reviews of Pressure Handwasher
Product Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0(14 reviews)
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- 12/23/2010
said: Darcee
"This is an awsome product. I was so excited when I saw the box, that I had to try it out right away. It took about five minutes to put together, which was nice. The second handle that came with it stumped me a bit till I figured out that it was an extra piece. I put in some of the soap nuts that Lehman's sells along with some old stained washcloths. It took me less than 10 minutes to get them all clean! I'm very pleased with this washer. The only downside is that it's made from plastic, which I wasn't expecting."
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- 1/29/2011
said: david
"This pressure washer was just plain crap! It requires one person to hold it and another to turn the handle...and the thing leaks after two uses. The handle can come off if turning fast too. Poorly made plastic. buy something stronger made of better materials. This is just not worth it!!!"
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- 4/4/2011
said: David
"I bought this fully aware of the review regarding it's flimsiness. Assembled in a few minutes, it was even more lightly built than I had expected, but used carefully, it is doing what I wanted it to do. I touched the drain pipe inadvertently after a few loads and it separated from the collar that lug-locks it to the drain. Less than a pound of pressure. Apparently the pieces hadn't even been glued, just put together slip-fitted. I repaired it using crazy glue. Never pick this thing up when it has anything in the tub. The frame pops right off and the fastener covers pop out. I discovered that when I tried to pour out the liquid by picking the thing up and pouring after the drain pipe separated. If you can give it protected floor space that's level, and have a smooth surface to use it on it is superior to hand washing. A shame. The drum is sturdy, and if they had used ABS or even another 1/16th thickness of the members this could have been a good machine. It definitely could not survive a move assembled. I haven't attempted to disassemble it, so don't know if that is feasible. Not the quality I expected from Lehman's."
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- 4/4/2011
said: Linda Low
"Very flimsily made. Not stable while in use. Lid broke after five loads. Handle falls off when turned. Leaks. That having been said, the concept is good. So I threw this piece of junk out, and bought a large pickle jar with a clamp-down lid with a rubber seal. I put the clothes in there with some hot water and soap, then roll it back and forth briskly for a few minutes. The pickle jar works better than this silly contraption. I use this method to get out deep, long-standing stains, and to brighten up clothes that look dingy despite laundering. Works like a charm."
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- 6/13/2011
said: Fred
"Ok... I agree, the crank handle is crap. Throw it away. The drain tube? Yeah. Crap. Throw it away. But after throwing those two things away, you've got a real gem!! Turn the tub end-for-end by hand. I don't find a lot of difference if I just rock it back and forth and only go 360 deg. but every 10th time. If you get a dribble or two out of the top, so what? Buy a cheap bath towel and put the unit on top of that. If my frame ever breaks - and it shows no sign of doing that after doing ALL my laundry for the last 3 months in this jewel - I'll build another. If the tub cracks I'll buy a new one. Here's a tip, though... If you've been using automatic washers, run your clothes through one last time when they are ready to be washed. BUT DON'T USE ANY DETERGENT!! Your clothes have retained so much soap that if you try to use the handwasher, you'll be very frustrated trying to get all the soap out the first time you try to rinse them. Then, be VERY careful how much detergent you use. I find that 1/2 tsp is fine for a 1.5 - 2-gallon wash load. And you can wash two to three loads of clothes in that original wash water. What a water saving device!!"
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- 3/13/2012
said: julie
"I love this machine. Saves water, soap, time and does a perfect job. Especially good when the power is out. Just read the instructions if you want a good, clean wash load!"
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- 4/24/2012
said: Jamie
"this does do what it says it does. It does get your laundry clean, but it does not work well w cold water. It does not rinse well at all and the drain that comes with it is basically worthless. the frame is flimsy but usable, and the suction cups leave a lot to be desired. All in all it is decent for the price, far better than hand washing. I am just going to have to find a better set up for the rinse loads."
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- 5/9/2012
said: eva
"Does everything it is supposed to, gets the wash so clean. Underwear, curtains, socks. Supplements the wringer for the little and delicate things. I use it outside which is easier and fun."
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- 8/29/2012
said: Ben
"My wife and I travel a bit pulling a travel trailer to always accomodate pets. We love the little thing. Holds up okay. I just tried to size it up structurally, and, treat it with some care. Use it some on countertop, sitting in chair, left hand lightly on base, right hand cramks. Rinse as much as needed. And, dont use too much soap. I read another review in here and they made great point.. If you use regular washer/dryer, wash at least once with NO SOAP, then start using your little hand washer. If you dont, like they said, you have a hard time getting out that first batch of soap out of it. SEriously, does well. treat it easy. should have it a while. we have."
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- 9/28/2012
said: Dianna B
"I used this to process gallons of cream at a time into butter. It works 2x faster and with less effort than any churn I have ever used."
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