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The American Farm Book
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The American Farm Book

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First published in 1849, it's still relevant today. Soil, manure, woodlands, pastures are each covered along with a treatise on every staple product of the U.S. Comprehensive coverage of grasses, meadows and grain and its cultivation.
  • Allen
  • 7-1/4" x 4-1/2"
  • 325 pp.
Chapter 1 - Soils
Chapter 2 - Manures
Chapter 3 - Organic Manures
Chapter 4 - Irrigation and Draining
Chapter 5 - Mechanical Division of Soils
Chapter 6 - The Grasses Clovers Meadows & Pastures
Chapter 7 - Grain and its Cultivation
Chapter 8 - Leguminous Plants
Chapter 9 - Roots
Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous Objects of Cultivation
Chapter 11 - Fruits
Chapter 12 - Miscellaneous Aids and Objects of Agriculture
Chapter 13 - Farm Buildings

Excerpt from Chapter 5 page 87 and 88.
After selecting a proper soil and placing it in a proper condition by manuring draining - the next most important consideration is the further preparation of the land for the reception of the seed. In small patches of highly-cultivated land spading is resorted to for breaking up and pulverizing the ground more effectually than can be done with the plow. This is the case with many of the market gardens in the neighborhood of our large cities and with large portions of Holland Flander and other countries of Europe. It is even contended by many intelligent and practical farmers in Great Britain where labor is about half and land and agricultureal products are nearly twice the average prices with us that spade-husbandry can be adopted for general tillage crops with decided advantage to the farmer. However this may be abroad it is cetrain it cannot be practised in this country to any extent until some very remote period.
There are many important advantages in the deep and minute division of the soil resulting from the very thorough spading practised by the best gardeners which we should endeavor to incorporate in every tillage system with the use of the plow alone. This may be done and the advantages of spade-husbandry measurably secured and at one fourth the expense by the use of the best surface and subsoil plows if strong teams and skilful plowmen are employed to work them.

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