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Horse Behavior Problems Book
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Horse Behavior Problems Book

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60 common questions with understandable answers. Special section of training guidelines. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 45 pp.
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Excerpt from page 9
Questions #7
How do you teach your horse to lead?

I am going to tell you of two different ways to teach your horse to lead. Put a halter and lead rope on the horse. Have a big strong man take the lead rope (maybe you better have two men) and have them pull the horse forward with two big men behind pushing him. If the men are big enough you might move him a little but you will get more resistance than cooperation. I don't recommend this way, it is not the best way. I quit using this method a long time ago. Now I will tell you of a better way. Put a halter and lead rope on the horse, stand off to the left side and pull his head lightly toward you immediately after saying "come here". Caress the horse for any cooperation he gives you even if he only turns his head slightly towards you. Repeat this until he will follow you to the left. Do the same thing to his right side and gradully diagonally forward. And finally straight ahead, always caressing him for his obedience. You may reward him with a tid bit. Practice this again the next day. It is best to do all of this in a small familiar pen so that his mind will be on you instead of his unfamiliar surroundings.

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