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The Garden Primer Book
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The Garden Primer Book

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Especially designed for the beginning gardener with the premise that no question is a dumb question. This book is packed with facts, tidbits of information, advice and wisdom. Chapters on planning, what plants need, how to buy plants, plus comprehensive chapters on annuals, perennials, roses, vegetables, fruits, bulbs, herbs, and much more. The index alone is almost 40 pages.
  • Damrosch
  • 9" x 6"
  • 673 pp.

Green Side Up

Chapter 1 - Planning Your Property
Chapter 2 - What Plants Need
Chapter 3 - Gardening Gear
Chapter 4 - How to Buy Plants
Chapter 5 - Annuals
Chapter 6 - Perennials
Chapter 7 - Vegetables
Chapter 8 - Herbs
Chapter 9 - Fruits
Chapter 10 - Bulbs
Chapter 11 - Roses
Chapter 12 - Lawns and Ground Covers
Chapter 13 - Vines
Chapter 14 - Shrubs
Chapter 15 - Trees
Chapter 16 - Wildflowers
Chapter 17 - Houseplants

Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Plant Societies
Mail-Order Sources of Plants Seeds and Supplies
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Excerpt from page 1 Green Side Up
I firmly believe that in order to learn anything you have to be willing to ask dumb questions. A lot of people say to me "I don't know anything about gardening" and some of them just let it go at that. Intimidated by the sheer volume of gardening lore they find around them much of it very scientific and arcane they leave gardening to those who presumably have lots of time to read and better yet have a "green thumb." But others unable to resist a pastime they suspect may be a lot of fun wade right in. I love people who ask things like "Why do you prune plants?" and "What is mulch?" and "What part of the plant do you stick in the ground?"
The aim of this book is to answer as many elementary questions about gardening as possible. I may not be able to anticipate everything you want to ask but I will explain to you how pruning can make your plants bushier more compact or more fruitful. I will tell you that mulch is a layer of material such as shredded bark that you lay down on the ground chiefly to keep weeds from growing and to keep the soil moist. And I will try to come to your aid when you are standing there alone in the garden holding a plant that looks like an amorphous tangle and you have no idea what to do with it. If I could go out into the garden with you I would tell you what my friends Mary Ann and Frederick McGourty professional growers tell their fledgling workers: "Plant it with the green side up." Everyone has to start somewhere.

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