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Honey, Garlic & Vinegar: Home Remedies and Recipes Book
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Honey, Garlic & Vinegar: Home Remedies and Recipes Book

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The most remarkable remedies are found in kitchen cabinets, not medicine cabinets. Hundreds of remedies and recipes will enrich your life.
  • Author is a nationally recognized expert on nutrition
  • Dr. Quillin 9" x 6"
  • 221 pp.
  1. Nature's Pharmacy Can Heal You
  2. Honey Facts & Remedies
  3. Honey Recipes
  4. Garlic Facts & Remedies
  5. Garlic Recipes
  6. Vinegar Facts & Remedies
  7. Vinegar Recipes
  8. How These Superfoods Heal
  9. Appendix
Excerpt from Chapter 1

While drugs and surgery can only temporarily deal with symptoms Nature's "pharmacy" can actually prevent and reverse most ailments. Of all the "superfoods" provided in Nature honey garlic and vinegar are perhaps the "dream team" of concentrated healers.

In this unique trio we have:

  • Nature's sweetest food - honey from her most industrious workers - bees
  • Nature's most potent and versatile healing herb flavorful spice and nourishing vegetable - garlic
  • Nature's most potent and versatile fermented food - vinegar
Your body wants to be healthly. But in many Americans we are not providing the proper "building materials" to allow the body to maintain health. Just like if a home builder is not supplied with the proper array of high quality lumber concrete pipes nails etc.; then the workers cannot create a strong house. Though humankind certainly has developed some advanced tools like notebook computers satellite communication and laser surgery we still cannot make a baby or an apple or even leather. We have to rely on Nature for these gifts. The same goes for our health. Good health does not come from an endless servies of trips to the doctor. Good health has to be earned by working hand-in-hand with Nature.

Given the opportunity your body should provide you with good to excellent health for the better part of 80 to 120 years. If you are not getting this level of performance from your body then examine your diet exercise attitude and exposure to toxins. These four major components influence how you feel how often you get sick how much zest you get out of life and how long you will live.

*Honey garlic and vinegar are vey special "prescriptions from Nature's pharmacy" to get you on the road to optimal health. Using these foods in the context of a complete healthy lifestyle will provide you with more energy more mental alertness more living out of your years and more years out of your living.

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- 9/4/2009
said: Jenni, CSR @ Lehman's
"I first got this book from the library & I liked it SO much, that when I found it at the Lehman's store, I had to buy it. Filled with lots of remedies & recipes!"
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