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Build Your Own Earth Oven Book
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Build Your Own Earth Oven Book

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Wood-fired mud ovens are relatively cheap and easy to make and the bread that emerges is worth the effort.
  • Detailed instructions including photos and diagrams make this a complete how-to book on building and baking with a traditional earth oven
  • Tips on baking real sourdough bread, too
  • Denzer
  • 10" x 7"
  • 114 pages
Table of Contents

 Why a wood-fired earthen oven?
  Earthen building or what is "cob" anyway?

Chapter One: Build a Basic Mud Oven
  How big an oven should I make?
  Getting organized
 Materials & tools
 Beauty & sculpture
  On "waterproofing"
 A roof for your oven
  Eight steps to a simple oven

Chapter Two: Firing & Baking In Your Oven
 Building and managing a fire
  Assembling a set of traditional baking tools

Chapter Three: Simple Sourdough Bread!
  Introduction and a note on ingredients
  A quick outline of a ten step sourdough process
 On yeast, flour and bread
  How it works - the ten step process in detail

Chapter Four: Materials & Making Do
 Floor materials
  Straw & other fibers
 Gravel & sand
  Subsoil clay & what to do if you can't find it
 Clay Facts
  Refractory Cement

Chapter Five: Other Mixtures Other Ovens
 Single layer all-clay "rammed earth" oven
  Simpler foundations
  Sculpting & finishing
  Lime plasters & other water-resistant breathable plasters
 Brick or metal doorways
  Chimneys & doors
 Firing doors
  Cob doors
  Insulating a mud oven
 Experiments & things to try

Chapter Six: Pyro-Dynamics or playing with fire
  Mechanics of fire
  Some related principles
  Metaphysics of fire

Chapter Seven: Troubleshooting
 My sand form won't hold its shape
I have no sand - how else can I make a form?
  I can't find straw
  My fire won't burn
 The bottoms of my loaves always burn
  My oven is cracking
 Can I quick dry my oven?
 Can I keep an all-clay oven from shrinking?
  The doorway is crumbling & falling apart
  I can't find clay subsoil anywhere
 What about fuels other than wood?

  Art earth ovens

  Books on bread and building

  and info about the author

Excerpt from the Introduction
Why a wood-fired earthen oven? Modern cookbooks make bread-baking seem complicated and difficult - which it is not. Building and baking in a wood-fired earthen oven restores the simplicity of bread by returning you to essential: earth water air and fire. Plants transform the energy of the sun into woody material fire transforms wood into energy and the massive walls of an earthen oven absorb and concentrate that energy as heat. After a couple of hours the oven is hot enough that you can remove the fire and bake bread. The hot dense mud radiates its stored heat at a steady rate (like the sun!)

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