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Reusable Mosquito Trap
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Reusable Mosquito Trap

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After a female mosquito bites an infected animal or bird, she lays eggs, and then comes back to bite again. This second bite transmits disease. Our mosquito trap lures mosquitoes who are looking for a place to lay eggs using a naturally-based mosquito egg pheromone.
  • Mosquitoes find their way into the trap but can't get back out and eventually die
  • 8 traps recommended per acre (use more in wet or swampy areas)
  • Completely safe and reusable – includes one lure
  • All-natural ingredients, no pesticides
  • 8-3/8"H x 3-3/4"OD
  • USA made
Note: Replace lure every 4-6 weeks.

Customer Reviews of Reusable Mosquito Trap
Product Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0(3 reviews)
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- 3/25/2016
said: Lisa Yost
"A customer called to order replacement lures before the warmer weather hits. He lives a quarter mile from a river and said his property had always been inundated with mosquitoes until he started using these traps. He used four traps for his smaller property, which he thought might be more than needed, but he said they were doing a fantastic job of keeping the mosquitoes away. "
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- 8/24/2012
"I love these. The initial cost seems expensive, but these last for years if you bring them in during winter. Follow the directions and they work fabulously. Start them at the beginning of the season to keep mosquitos from being born- then they can't reproduce. I live in the south where west nile is found every year. Mosquitos are abundant and aggressive. I sit on my porch without a worry. I attribute this to the OakStump. Be diligent changing the bait. We have a mosquito magnet, as well. These work better and cost much less."
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- 3/30/2012
said: Jane
"We have used these for years. Because it is a biological control, it takes longer & is more subtle than other mosquito methods. It works well though. We begin very early in the season with new lures. I am able to sit on my porch without spraying repellent on. This says lots considering we live in a city known for it's mosquitos. This is a long term method."
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