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The Human Powered Home Book
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The Human Powered Home Book

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This book is packed with fascinating and innovative plans to work for any household. You’ll slash your energy bills, get the satisfaction of self-sufficiency and be prepared for power failures, too.
  • Learn how to easily convert your grain mill, wringer washer, fruit press, water pump, even electrical generator to run on human power
  • Includes plans and instructions for converting all manner of appliances and tools to human-powered machines
  • Dean, 8"×10", 261 pp.
Table of Contents
A Note on the Plans
  1. The Evolution of Human-Powered Devices
    • Early Human Power
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • Compulsory Human Power
    • The Bicycle and Its Impact
    • Human Power in Appropriate Technology
    • Generating Electricity
    • David Sowerwine's Village-Scate Human Power Plants
    • Raj Pandian's Electricity-Generating Seesaw
  2. Putting Human Power to Work
    • Terms and Measures
    • Human Power Generation
    • How Do Humans Compare?
    • Ray Browning: Improving Health Through Human Power
    • Pedal-Powered Concerts
    • Elements and Principles of Human-Powered Devices
    • Maya Pedal's Bicimáquinas
    • Scrounging For Parts
    • Working Bikes Cooperative
    • Summary: Making Your Own Human-Powered Devices
  3. Human-Powered Devices for the Kitchen
    • Plan for Making a Pedal-Powered Blender
    • Frederick Breeden and Just Soap
    • Plan for Converting a Hand-Cranked Grain Mill to Pedal Power
    • Commercially Available Plans and Devices For the Kitchen
    • ChocoSol's Pedal-Powered Cacao Grinder
    • Woody Roy Parker's Juicycle
  4. Human-Powered Devices for Lawn and Garden
    • Plan for Making a Bike-Frame Cultivator
    • Treadle Pump Designed for Haitian Growers
    • Plan for Making a Treadle-Powered Water Pump
    • Commercially Available Plans and Devices for Lawn and Garden
    • Ped-Powered Snowplows
  5. Human-Powered Devices for Housework
    • Anne Kusilek's Treadle Sewing Business
    • Plan for Converting an Electric Sewing Machine to Treadle Power
    • Plan for Making a Pedal-Powered Washing Machine
    • Commercially Available Plans and Devices for Housework
    • Alex Gadsden's Cyclean
  6. Human Powered Devices for Recreation and Emergency Preparedness
    • Plan for Making a Pedal-Powered Electrical Generator
    • David Butcher's Pedal-Powered Prime Mover
    • Plan for Making a Pedal-Powered Tool Sharpener
    • Commercially Available Plans and Devices for Recreation and Emergency Preparedness
    • Jason Moore's Pedal-Powered Laptop Desk
    • Eric Hollenbeck and Blue Ox Millworks
Appendix: Further Resources
About the Author

Excerpt from page 7

Looking far into the past, we are reminded that every tool was human-powered. Rock and stick served as hammer and lever. Other simple machines - wedge, pulley, wheel, inclined plane and screw - followed. Next came compound machines, and then finally the tools of precision manufacturing, which could fabricate the machines that helped people apply muscle power more efficiently. But the evolution of human-powered devices hasn't been swift or logical. Centuries passed during which technology seemed to stand still. Inventions such as the hand crank languished before we realized their potential. Others we discovered, then forgot for many centuries before rediscovering them. And while it seems obvious that we would have abandoned human power as soon as we harnessed oxen, that's not the case. From antiquity until the Industrial Revolution, human power remained an adaptable, portable and (especially until the practice of slavery was abolished) economical option. The use of muscles as prime movers began to taper off in the 1600s. Still, it was the best solution for many artisans, farmers and small fabricators even to the 20th century.

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