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Small-Scale Manure Spreader
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Small-Scale Manure Spreader

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If you own a few acres and some livestock, you have to deal with 2 basic issues: efficient manure disposal and effective soil fertilization. Hiring someone to haul manure away is expensive, and spreading it by hand is back-breaking, time-consuming work. This innovative chain-driven spreader solves both problems and saves you an incredible amount of time, money and hassle, year after year.

  • Modeled after the big horse-drawn spreaders our Amish neighbors use
  • No power-take-off (PTO) required!
  • Easily pulled by your lawn tractor or ATV - any vehicle with at least 10 HP
  • Designed for a small-scale hobby farm"
  • Chain and rotary blades break manure into small pieces so it decomposes and conditions soil quickly
  • 25-bushel capacity, 42"W x 33"H x 93"L
  • Shipping weight 464 lb.
  • Please add $225.00 to price for freight
Note: Not on display at our retail store.

Easy to Use

4' width makes it easy to maneuver (easily moved by hand when empty) - drive it right up to the barn or even between stalls for easy loading. Handy lever controls engage chain and rotary blades.

Built Tough

Heavy-duty, chain-driven mechanisms and corrosion-resistant steel bed floor and frame. Adjustable hitch ranges from 7"-16". Tongue extends 33" in front of box frame. Hardwearing tractor-tread rubber tires.

Note: Lehman's® president, Galen Lehman, personally tested this apparatus on his property and was impressed with its performance. He says, "This manure spreader is my favorite piece of farm equipment. I can clean out the barn using labor-saving equipment that's built like what the big farms used but that is sized right for me. With a handful of steers, one horse and 9 sheep, I can't afford a big spreader and don't have room to store one. But, with this little machine I can empty my barn in a day!"

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* NOTE: This product is drop shipped. This means it is shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take an extra week or two to be delivered.

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