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Stainless Steel Spout Kettles - 1 Gallon
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Stainless Steel Spout Kettles - 1 Gallon

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Our generously sized tea kettles feature a distinctive two-tone whistle, not the shrill screech of an average teakettle. The easy-clean stainless steel body helps keep water hot. Your choice of sizes; ideal for canning or a family gathering.
  • Easy clean stainless steel kettles
  • Extra large pour spouts
  • Plastic handle stays cool
  • Made of 201 stainless steel
  • Holds about 5 qt.
  • 10-1/2"H x 8-3/8"OD, 2 lb.
  • China
Note: Not for induction ranges

Customer Reviews of Stainless Steel Spout Kettles - 1 Gallon
Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0(50 reviews)
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- 3/27/2014
said: Karen Steen
"I was terribly disappointed. This is an extremely light weight steel. I didn't feel it would hold up - especially because of the larger sizes. I returned without using."
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- 10/9/2013
said: laurie prince
"I bought the one gallon tea kettle in march of this year.[2013] It is now 10-13 and today I was horrified to notice a lot of black yucky corrosion on the top of the tea kettle and the lid part that fits into the top of the tea kettle. Not a little, a lot! Lehman's are sending me a new one and I give them 5 stars for customer service. I probably should try to find a better quality one somewhere and will keep looking. However, this teakettle is so cute! I just love how when it is boiling hard it sounds like the chugga chugga on a train that's moving and then comes the toot toot!!:] Whoever came up with this kettle had their creative juices flowing and I would like to shake their hand for how many times the cute toot on this kettle has made me smile. However it is an insult to the creativity of who ever designed this for it to be made with such sub-standard poor quality materials. I would be happy to pay 4 or 5 times as much for something that I knew was high quality stainless steal of the type that used to be common in products in America."
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- 9/19/2012
said: Sheryl
"I bought 2 of these teakettles when I saw them, after all they whistle, are stainless steel and have great capacity, right? Then I put one to work and found that the bottom is not flat so it rocks and rattles as it heats, and the whistle works only occasionally. If I had realized that they were made in China, I would probably have expected this and not made the investment in the first place."
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- 4/11/2014
said: Johnna
"This tea kettle is a real looker but not up to Lehman's well known quality. I was very disappointed in the shoddy and flimsy workmanship and promptly returned this item. The 2 stars I give this item are for design and size both of which are awesome. The kettle is absolutely lovely in appearance upon closer inspection it feels more like tin than stainless steel. Then flapper over the spout is poorly fitted, misaligned and very flimsy. I didn't even try to realign it for fear of breaking it. The weld where the spout meets the body is very poor quality. The "distinctive two-tone whistle" as described in the item description in totally non-existent. I let it hard roll boil for at least 20 to 30 minutes and not even a soft hiss emitted from this pot. That was the absolute deal breaker for me. I definitely need a whistle and will take "the shrill screech of an average teakettle" over no sound at all. I will continue my search for a quality, large 4 qt. tea kettle. I somebody would make a quality kettle using this design I would definitely purchase it. "
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- 2/8/2014
said: Anonymous User
"I have looked high and low for a stainless tea kettle made in the USA - no luck. This is made in China. It is a nice large pot. The stainless quality is not great - it is rusting in places in less than 6 months of use. I expected better for the price. In addition, the kettle never whistled - it isn't just soft, there is no whistle at all. I did try to fix the lid to have it whistle. Customer service did offer to replace, but I have not decided if I want the same. To be fair, I have used it for over 6 months and did not take action soon enough. "
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- 9/3/2013
said: Eric Sposito
"I am on my second kettle. Lehman's has great customer service. No one issue getting my problem corrected for a return. I am giving a review on the product, not Lehman's. The problem with this kettle is it is not stainless steel. It is a chrome plated kettle. This kettle gets daily use, around 5 to 6 times a day. In less then 3 months, the whistle stopped working. I opened the parts and found rusted parts on the whistle. The lid loses the chrome from friction, and exposes the metal and this is where the rust starts. If you are looking for a high use kettle, this one unfortunately wont last. China rarely makes a quality product, you get what you pay for."
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- 6/8/2013
said: Krispin Cranwell
"I returned the one gallon kettle after boiling water (twice!)and never hearing a peep. The description says the kettle has a pleasing two tone whistle. As far as I could tell, it doesn't have a whistle at all...although the flap on the spout clacks impressively. It's a handsome kettle and certainly boils a lot of water quickly, but how would one know if he weren't standing in the kitchen waiting on it? I was very disappointed."
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- 2/17/2012
said: M.
"I received the 1 gallon tea kettle as a gift. I was so pleased, as, when I originally looked at this site, there were only 5 star reviews here. The size is grand, the overall balance is great. But my tea kettle doesn't whistle either. As a matter of fact, one of my children noticed the tea kettle lid was not assembled as the picture on the box. In addition to that, the inner lid, although dried when not in use, is beginning to rust. I would not have been so enthusiastic in my want of this kettle had I known it was made in China. In fairness to Lehman's, the tea kettle was replaced, gratis. For that, I am grateful. But the tea kettle, which is being reviewed (NOT Lehman's customer service, which is excellent) is a big disappointment."
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- 1/23/2014
said: Anonymous User
"2 gallon kettle had a small but noticeable dent on the bottom curve. The whistle reeds were blocked by a cross piece of metal I snipped that out so all 3 reeds would sound when water boiling. Pretty neat train kinda sound and I fixed a copper fish bell to the spout cover with a stretched out spring set in stove gasket cement. This looks cute when spout moves and also serves as a counter weight to hold the spout lid open while pouring. Also keeps spout lid on securely so steam goes through whistle and I fixed a little aluminum foil around the back of the spout lid to prevent steam from escaping out the back I enjoyed tinkering with it It's very shiny too. Boils up good."
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- 4/20/2013
said: Bonnie Childers
"At first I was overjoyed with this kettle. I bought the 1 1/2 gallon size and I use it almost every day, from canning to heating water to boil spaghetti. I loved the train whistle sound when water boils... but all that changed after about 4 months. A residue started coming out of the whistle part. A couple months later the whistle stopped completely. It's now obvious that even though it says "stainless steel" the inside of the whistle is NOT! It has rusted out. I can still use the kettle, but miss the whistle. Cheap made in China! Would rather pay more for USA quality!"
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