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Soil Cube Tool
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Soil Cube Tool

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It's the only tool you need for starting a few or a large number of seeds. No more pots, containers, scoops or other supplies - all you need is this tool and the soil/growing medium. Unlike other seed starter methods, you can make a completely organic "pot" for your seedlings with this tool (just use organic soil). Plus, since there is virtually no root shock when transplanting soil cubes into the garden, you can grow more types of plants in cubes (ex. sweet corn, beets and cucumbers).

  • Saves time - more efficient than other methods
  • Saves money - quickly pays for itself
  • Saves space - all you store is the tool
  • Zero waste seed starting method!
  • See details for how it works and the history of this amazing method
  • Makes 2-1/4" cubes
  • Tool 9"Lx6-1/4"Hx2-1/4"D, 1 lb
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% USA handmade
History: People have been making and using soil cubes for literally thousands of years. The ancient Aztecs used this method to start millions of seeds quickly and efficiently, thereby creating a huge surplus of food, a large standing army and a thriving society. Today, Holland's enormous flower producers rely on soil cubes as the most efficient way to maximize space, time and soil usage.

How to make Soil Cubes: Push cube tool through soil to fill the chambers. Push the tool down onto a tray with the handles while pressing down on the push bar to compact the soil cube. Gently lift the handles and push down on the push bar to release the cube. Plant seeds in the divots in the top of each cube. Keep moist with a spray bottle, and use the wooden tongs to transplant your cubes into the garden when seedlings are ready. (In-depth instructions, photos and soil mix recipe included with tool.)

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