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Round Cast Iron Waffle Iron
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Round Cast Iron Waffle Iron

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Over the years, we've had plenty of requests for a cast iron waffle iron that makes old-fashioned waffles the way Grandma and Mom used to - right on the stovetop. We finally found one that lives up to our expectations, and we're sure it will exceed yours.
  • Make delectable, crispy-edged, round waffles on your own stove and crown them with butter and syrup or fruit
  • Use on home grill or barbeque or over campfire
  • Strong, durable cast iron will last forever
  • Recipes and seasoning instructions included
  • Makes 6-1/2"OD waffles
  • 6-3/4"OD, 4 lb
  • China

Need to re-season your cast-iron cookware?
Lightly coat inside and outside with only liquid vegetable oil. Make sure to get all the corners. (Do not use butter, margarine or solid vegetable oil such as Crisco).

Customer Reviews of Round Cast Iron Waffle Iron
Product Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0(46 reviews)
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- 9/22/2011
said: Andrew
"Well, I still do not have it seasoned. The first attempt failed. I believe I found the reason. The instructions that came with it say it can be seasoned with vegetable oil which I did. Lehman's TIPS says NOT to use vegetable but to use Crisco which disagrees with the instructions that came from the manufacturer. This iron really gets hot and those people who have raved about it, I would like to know what kind of hand protection or oven mitt they use to manipulate the iron. The handles are extremely hot and one needs a really really heavy duty asbestos lined fire man's glove to prevent from burning your hand in opening and closing the iron."
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- 9/17/2011
said: Andrew
"SEASONING THIS IRON IS A REAL CHORE I have not made a waffle yet with this waffle iron. I am still trying to get the waffle iron seasoned before its first use. Do not expect to receive this waffle iron and use it immediately. The seasoning process, for me, is turning out to be quite a chore. The iron comes with a booklet from the manufacturer with instructions for seasoning. The manufacturer explains in this booklet that the waffle iron has been coated/sprayed with paraffin wax at the factory. This is to prevent the iron from rusting while it is traveling through the distribution channels to its final home with the end user. The manufacturer recommends that the waffle iron be put in an oven on the rack to burn off the paraffin. They advise to put a sheet of aluminum foil underneath to catch the wax drippings. You may not think there is wax on this iron when you receive it, but, after a few minutes in the oven, you will begin to smell a burning candle type smell and this aroma will fill the house as the paraffin vaporizes in the oven. The next step after this is to cool the iron just by letting it stand at room temperature, then washing it in soapy water. You are not done yet! The next step is then to coat the iron with vegetable oil or lard and heat it in a 350 degree oven for an hour which I did. Then, let it cool again. Well, after this step, crud appeared over portions of my iron, not very appetizing. I tried to wash this jelly like crud off the iron in the sink with soapy dish water and a rag and then into the dishwasher and no luck removing this gel like substance from the iron. My guess is that it might be a combination of vegetable oil and paraffin?? So, I went to the hardware store and got a wire brush to try to remove this deposit on the iron. I will post again if and when I ever get it clean enough to eat off of. :-( i have other cast iron cookware of the LODGE brand and I have not had this much trouble seasoning it as I have had with this."
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- 9/9/2011
said: Nancy
"I was disappointed that this item was made in China. I didn't expect that from Lehman's. I followed the directions for seasoning, and used a cooking spray, but the waffles stuck each time I tried to use it. I also had a big problem trying to get all of the wax off. I love cast iron cookware, but not this!"
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- 2/11/2011
said: Lee Brackney
"MADE IN CHINA! I was not happy with that, but thought I would give it a try. I have cooked with cast iron for decades, and love it, but even after seasoning the waffles stick like crazy - I'm only sorry it would cost as much to send the heavy iron back as I paid for it, otherwise I would have returned it; instead I threw it away. This is the only think I have ever bought from Lehman's that I thought was terrible. Don't waste your money!"
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- 11/7/2010
said: Jerry
"So far, this just makes a good trivet. I guess I need more practice but all I have done in two tries, after seasoning it, is scrape waffle from both sides."
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- 10/29/2010
said: Anonymous User
"Tried the waffle maker, found it to be very inferior to the square stove-top waffle iron that you also carry (which is made in the USA). That one is more expensive, but once again you get what you pay for. I quickly sent this one back after trying it one time :("
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- 9/27/2011
said: Andrew
"OK, I stopped trying to perfectly season this cast iron waffle iron and got on with some cooking after reading the tips and reviews here. I have made two batches of waffles now after using Crisco for seasoning and PAM just prior to putting the batter on the iron. I have made two batches of waffles on two consecutive days and both days the waffles were fine with no sticking. I am doing this on a gas stove and agree with other reviewers....the handles are very very awkward. ONE TIP if using a GAS STOVE....turn off flame before turning the iron over or attempting to move the iron by the handles. DO NOT TOUCH THE HANDLES WITHOUT very good protection for your hands. IT DOES TAKE TWO HANDS to Maneuver this gadget on the stove, so have something for both of your hands. I agree with other reviewers....a little disappointed that this iron is made in China even though the distributor is here in USA on the instructions that come with it. I agree with another reviewer also, 2& 1/2 minutes per side seems about right. At least 4-5 minutes of cooking per waffle. I agree with other reviewers as well that this is a good alternative to frozen waffles made in a toaster. These are so much better. I rated the iron down because of the great difficulty I had seasoning it and after seasoning it was rusted when I went to use it. I have bought LODGE brand CAST IRON cookware at Lehmans and had no where the challenge I have had with this waffle iron. I also agree with another reviewer here.....save your money up and buy the square rectangular waffle iron WITH HANDLES made in the USA that Lehmans offers at $50. Its more expensive, but, more user friendly than this cheap version."
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- 11/5/2010
said: Betty
"I bought this because I do not want to use teflon. And I have a lot of cast iron, and have never had a problem before. I'm sure waffle iron will be wonderful some day but have not been able to get the wax coating off yet. I have scrubbed it to get wax off..i have baked it to melt the wax off per instructions..have scrubbed & baked 3 times and wax is still there, i have just about worn out the scrub brush. before this problem, was thinking of getting a 2nd waffle iron like another reviewer said. But now will not be doing that unless these could be sold pre-seasoned. Any chance of that? Was really looking forward to sourdough waffles!"
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- 8/25/2013
said: Shelly
" MADE IN CHINA! Chinese cast iron is inferior to American,which must be why I have been unable to get this seasoned properly. I ALWAYS waste 2+ waffles before this little bugger will work well. I also wish it had better handles and were easier to manipulate.It can be a real pain to use.It doesn't sit flat on my wood cook stove(Bakers Choice-LOVE IT!)due to the shape of the handles. As others have said having 2 burners going on a gas stove helps keep both plates hot. I wish I had a different model but this was the only one available here. "
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- 1/11/2012
said: Rachel
"This is an average product but I think it will eventually be better once it is seasoned and food doesn't want to stick so much."
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