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Fix, Freeze and Feast
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Fix, Freeze and Feast

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Is your family starved for time to make wholesome, homemade meals? Discover over 120 recipes with simple instructions to make ahead, freeze in meal-sized freezer bags, thaw, cook and devour.
  • Includes main courses, breakfast options, soups, sides, desserts and snacks.
  • From Mango-Cranberry Chicken, to Five-Spice Cookies, to Breakfast Burritos, you’ll always have something delicious to pull out of your freezer.
  • Ideal for “warehouse” shoppers or anyone who buys groceries in bulk.
  • Neville and Tkacsik, 7"x9", 256 pp.
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Table of Contents

Warehouse Shopping, Family Cooking
Becoming a Warehouse Gourmet

  • 1. Chicken Main Dishes
  • 2. Beef Main Dishes
  • 3. Pork Main Dishes
  • 4. Meatless Mains, Sides, and Soups
  • 5. Sauces, Marinades, and Flavored Butters
  • 6. Breakfast, Snacks, and Sweets

Branching Out
Resource List

Excerpt from Becoming a Warehouse Gourmet page 3

Planning for Success
To be successful, start with a plan. Even if it is just a mental list of the steps you'll take, thinking through what you want to accomplish will keep you organized and efficient. We have broken our Tray Pack Method into a few simple steps.

The Basics of Make-Ahead Meals
1. Get organized! Every session begins with a plan, which includes a shopping list and a prep list. Divide yours between warehouse and grocery store items for easy reference.

2. Consolidate ingredients common to several recipes. Be sure you know exactly what you need and where to find everything before you go shopping.

3. Go shopping! Take your list and buy your groceries. Don't forget your membership cards.

4. Follow your prep list to chop, dice, and otherwise organize your ingredients. When all your items are ready to go, you can begin the recipes.

5. Label bags, assemble recipes, and freeze.

6. Heat & eat! Thaw entrées as you need weeknight meals. Once defrosted, you can quickly prepare home-cooked meals for your family-even on the busiest nights!

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