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Economical Corn Mill
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Economical Corn Mill

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This mill is a copy of the original Corona Victoria mills, which have been a staple in Hispanic families for generations. This mill is inexpensive and the workmanship is rough.
  • Very economical way to grind corn meal for cooking or to coarsely grind grains for bird feeders and a few chickens
  • Grinds nuts, beans and seeds, too
  • Will grind "wet corn" (corn that hasn't been put through a gas-fired corn dryer) or what farmers call "field dried corn"
  • Clamps to surface up to 1-1/2" thick
  • 13"H from surface, 17-3/4"H overall, hopper 5-1/4"OD
  • 10-3/4 lb
  • China

Customer Reviews of Economical Corn Mill
Product Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 9/9/2012
said: Brian
"This is definitely not a high quality flour mill, but considering the price, it does good cracking corn for our chickens (which is the main reason I bought it). It saves wear and tear on my good mill, and coarse grinds about 4 of 5 times faster."
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- 7/18/2011
said: Christine
"I just got my economical mill today and learned, you get what you pay for. The mill is made in China and comes with very brief instructions on how to put it together. That's it. The rubber pad does not stay on the foot of the mill. It just falls off. The clamp doesn't stay clamped. The mill grinds the grain very coarsely."
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- 7/16/2011
said: Micah
"I bought this mill to crack corn, oats and barley for my chickens. The overall finish is pretty rough such as sharp metal edges on the hopper and the handle doesn't fit the auger very well. However, the body of the mill is made well. The burrs are removable but I have never seen replacement sets for sale. I think the worst part of the mill is the burr adjustment. It is very sloppy and inconsistent - It might grind very fine for half a turn and then course for the other half.It cracked whole corn very well. every so often a whole kernel would slip through though. I also cracked a 50/50 mix of oats and barley. I cracked the barley just fine but most of the oats came out whole. It could be because the two grains where mixed. If you are looking for your first grain mill this is a good place to start... just don't expect much. I would only recommend using this mill for livestock feed, NOT human consumption."
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- 6/16/2011
said: Julie
"I love my new grinder. I had dried some Kudzu root for medicinal reasons and I had tried to cut it up in my food processor with no success. When I put the now dried pieces of the cut up root in the grinder, with a little arm action the process of shredding and powdering the Kudzu was fast. Make sure it is securely mounted to table or counter. I love the adjustability on the coarseness of the grinding. If I wanted it finer, I just added it back to the mill Funnel. Good solid product for the money. Thank you."
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