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High-Wheel Cultivator
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High-Wheel Cultivator

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It's been around for generations because it's easy to push and maneuver and gets lots of work done. Assembles in 20 minutes. USA made.
  • Solid steel frame
  • 24-3/4"OD steel wheel
  • Solid oak handles 49"L and 1" thick
  • Heavy and durable
  • 37-1/2"H, 13-1/2 lb
  • Includes 3 attachments:
    1. 5-tine "arrow-foot"
    2. Furrow plow
    3. Moldboard plow
Heavy but crude. Solid steel frame with unbreakable solid oak handles and steel wheel. Handles 1-3/4"W x 3/4" thick!
  • Five-prong "arrow-foot" tines 8-3/8"W prepare seed beds and break up crusted soil
  • Reversible shovel cuts seed rows
  • Moldboard plow turns soil and makes 4" furrow
  • 45"H, 22 lb
  • Assembles in 20 minutes

Customer Reviews of High-Wheel Cultivator
Product Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0(13 reviews)
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- 8/10/2010
"I love this product we had an old one here before but it grew legs and walked of to be someones lawn ornament the hoe attachment I ordered with it really saves backaches the attachments that came with it I won't use much but with the hoe attachment YES!!!"
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- 5/13/2010
said: Fred Douville
"Have been using for several weeks this season. i am very happy with the High Wheel Cultivator. It weeds between rows wonderfully. Assembly was OK,Quality seems to be very good. It would be nice if implements were easier to change out. Overall I think it is a very good piece of equipment."
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- 1/26/2010
said: George Merkley
"I have used this in my garden for a few years now and nothing beats it. I can get the weeds out faster and with less work then a gas tiller. My son and me both have one we just push it up and down the rows and across the rows between plants like a checker board and there is not much hoeing needed. You cant do that with a big gas tiller !. I can have the whole garden cultivated and get good exercise before I can get the gas tiller out all you do is walk. There is no gas to buy, no fighting to try to keep a big tiller straight and up right. And my blood pressure is better then it has ever been.This is the way to go."
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