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Baker's Edge Brownie Pan
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Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

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Don't eat another brownie until you try this nifty pan - the only one of its kind! Clever sidewall design ensures every single serving has 2 crunchy, chewy edges. No need to modify your favorite recipes.
  • Tough cast aluminum construction heats evenly for perfect baking every time
  • Also makes great quick breads, fruit cobblers and even lasagna
  • Extra edges keep layered food stacked better so it's easier and neater to serve
  • Pan has premium nonstick coating and rounded, easy-to-clean corners
  • Custom spatula and recipes included
  • 12"L × 9"W × 2"H, makes 2-1/2"W pieces, 2-3/4 lb

Customer Reviews of Baker's Edge Brownie Pan
Product Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0(2 reviews)
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- 9/10/2009
said: Kaleigh, CSR Lehman's Hardware
"we first introduced this item a little over a year ago, and WOW!! the response and demand was absolutely incredible. everyone loves this brownie pan, I can honestly say I have never gotten a complaint"
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- 7/6/2009
said: Andrew
"I recently received my pan from Lehman's and was given an opportunity almost immediately to use it for brownies. My assignment: bake brownies for a Youth Church Group of about 35 teenagers and 15 adults. I needed about 50 brownies total. I baked the brownies the day of the picnic so the brownies would be fresh. Fortunately, the picnic was at supper time.:-) I bought 3 different types/brands of box mixes off the shelf at my local grocery store. All 3 of the box mixes did fine in the Edge Pan. Since I was baking 3 batches all the same day, the clean-up of the Edge Pan was important to me. Between batches, the Edge pan cleaned up beautifully. I did not have to fight with it to get it clean for the next batch. The Yield I got out of each batch with the Edge Pan was about 16-20 brownies, depending on how I cut them. I cut the brownies easily with the spatula that comes with the pan and cut the brownies different sizes so folks could choose which size(s) they wanted for dessert. One thing about the pan: when I did the toothpick test to see if the brownies were done, I stuck the toothpick into 3-4 different locations in the pan. The toothpick came out exactly the same no matter where I stuck it in for the test. This tells me that my brownies really cooked uniformly and evenly, wherever they were in the pan. I am working my way up to making some brownies from scratch with a great recipe here on the Lehman's web site and from there may even experiment with using the Edge Pan for things other than brownies as well. In these tough economic times its also satisfying to purchase a product made in the USA."
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