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5 lb. Horn Style Sausage Stuffer
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5 lb. Horn Style Sausage Stuffer

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Our affordable stuffer holds up to 5 lbs of ground meat. Sturdy components make it ideal for making all types of sausage including venison and other wild game. You can also use ground beef, pork or chicken.
  • Durable cast iron body with zinc-plated finish
  • Bolts securely to flat surface for easy operation
  • 16"L handle provides excellent leverage but can be disassembled for easy storage
  • Includes 1/2", 3/4" and 7/8" stuffing horns
  • 11"L x 7"H, throat 3-1/2"ID
  • 13 lbs.
  • Imported

Customer Reviews of 5 lb. Horn Style Sausage Stuffer
Product Rating: 2.8 out of 5.0(4 reviews)
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- 12/26/2014
said: Thomas W Anderson
"Folks, I am now retired but I was a butcher / meat cutter for 47 years. I starter cutting meat in 1962 in high school and retired in 2010. I hate to tell you this but for a cheap sausage stuffer, this is as good as you will ever get. The only flaw I see is in the SPLIT HANDLE. That should not be, and is dangerous for all the pressure you have to apply on that handle. IT SHOULD BE ONE PIECE. Don't confuse a sausage stuffer, with a sausage press, for ease of use. Now to solve your problem about using the stuffer. First you must understand that all sausage has a 10% water / ice in the mix. In sausage this water preforms about 6 different critical jobs, one of which is getting your sausage to go through the stuffer, and come out the horn. YOUR PROBLEM !! You do that and you will have no problem making your sausage links and ropes. The only other major flaw I see is on the name plate, " made in china ".!!! Tom Anderson Lafayette, In."
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- 11/14/2009
said: James
"I've used this stuffer for three years now and once I worked out some of the bugs it works great. The press plate is not milled to fit precisely into the press cylinder, and so the meat squishes around the sides. I cut a circle out of a 1/16 inch thick rubber gasket kit (6"x6" sheets at any hardware or auto parts store) that is slightly larger than the press plate and place it in the press between the sausage mix and the press plate. This all but eliminates the squeeze out problem. I replaced the nut on the handle extension with a nylock nut. The first year I used the press I had to get up on a chair and press down with all my weight to got the meat to go through. I complained about the problem to my brother (the chef) and he told me I needed more water in the mix. I added 1/4 cup to a 5# batch and it was much easier. It helps to bolt it down to a butcher block or at least a 12"x12"x 1 1/2" block through the holes in the feet. For the price this a great stuffer, the modifications only take a few minutes. If you are just getting into sausage and are scared of the prices on more expensive stuffers try this one out."
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- 10/30/2010
said: Mark M
"I have been trying to replace my electric appliances with manual whenever possible and thought I had found a great replacement for my mixer with stuffer attachment. While it does hold 5# of meat I was never able to stuff more than 2 links because the rest of the sausage squished out past the press plate. It created a powerful section requiring a lot of force to pull the handle out. All of the parts that screwed together worked themselves loose after a few minutes, requiring even more time to finish. Overall, it took almost 2 hours to stuff 10# of sausage. I am more than a little surprised that Lehman's would carry such a poorly made piece of equipment. It is way below their usual standards."
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- 8/16/2009
said: Gina
"I was very disappointed with this product! It takes a great deal of strenght to use. The pieces do not fit together well, and and bolts that hold the handle assembly together loosen, annoying. The main problem is that the presser plate does not fit the body of the machine well at all, and nearly all of the sausage mix mooshes up around the backside of the plate, instead of going through the stuffing tube and into the casing. This creates a vacuum in the machine, which requires a huge amount of effort when trying to extract the pusher and handle assembly to reload, at the same time trying to rescue all the sausage mix, which is now on the wrong side of the presser plate!! It is difficult and frustrating to use, and I am sending it back for a refund. This is the first time I have been disappointed with anything from Lehman's, but this is a piece of junk! I am gong to buy one of those crank and drum type of stuffers, and I'll be sure to read all the reviews before I buy. I hope your experiences are more satisfactory."
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