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Top-Crank German Coffee Mill
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Top-Crank German Coffee Mill

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Turn the top nut to adjust - clockwise for coarse, counter-clockwise for powder-fine. Grind enough for four cups of coffee in just a few minutes.

  • 25-year guarantee on the grinding mechanism
  • 5"W x8"H, 2 lb
  • Made in Germany
Coffee lovers know that coffee's flavor is at its peak just after it's ground. Our traditional hand-crank coffee mills not only look attractive, but they actually work. The secret is in the hardened steel burrs, which provide a much finer grind and last longer than cast iron. Grind coffee every day or just for special occasions. Either way, these mills will add a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen - even when not in use - for years to come.

Customer Reviews of Top-Crank German Coffee Mill
Product Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0(9 reviews)
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- 10/27/2015
said: Kim
"We have used this coffee mill consistently for over 20 years now and it is the most dependable, reliable, basic kitchen tool I own. I don't mind that it doesn't have rubber feet, I don't mind the drawer, I love that I can select the coarseness or fineness of the grind & I particularly love the zen of grinding the beans. A wonderful grinder that treats your beans kindly and will last forever."
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- 9/22/2014
said: Barb
"I just received this wonderful, coffee mill. Saturday, September 20th, 2014. I made coffee 2 different times that day, the coffee didn't taste like coffee at all, in which was my own fault, not the coffee mill. So the next day I decided to turn the the the little nob some to the left, it wasn't bad. Tasted so much better, so the same day I turned it a little more, I was rather amazed. WOW! I use a heavy gauge stainless steel stove top old fashioned coffee pot. I no longer use any electric coffee pots. I bought 3 electric coffee pots in 5 months time. I love the one I have. I use a silicone mat when I use my coffee mill, or even a rubber mat works just as well. I have never had coffee grounds all over the counter. Mine seems to be well made. I was very impressed. The only thing that comes to mind, is maybe some of you are over filling the mill. Keep some super glue around just in case. I keep super glue around all the time. It just comes in handy. I have no complains with this coffee mill. I absolutely love it. And will tell many others. Plus it has a 25 year warranty on it. I haven't found this on anything; anywhere else. I'm very very happy with mine. The price is reasonably. I give it a 5 plus stars."
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- 1/18/2013
said: Anonymous User
"I have used my grinder for more years then I can remember, at least two decades +. I could not imagine one being better. I do not mind the pull out drawer, as other posters have noted, nor that I cannot grind enough for 10 people. I like everything about it and it has traveled with me from one coast to another, from desert to rain forest, in this country and Mexico. It has held up through it all, surprisingly so, considering the age. I do not mind that it doesn't have "rubber booties" to stop it from sliding. This grinder is for someone who enjoys the zen of making good coffee. It's relaxing. I first start the water to boil in the kettle, then put the beans in the hopper, choose the grind I desire and slowly, yet steadily grind. I then use my french press. You can't get a better cup of Joe than this especially if your beans are fresh roasted."
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- 8/12/2013
said: Marvin
"Have only had for about a month. Grinds great. Grinds enough for myself and my wife in the morning which is 98% of usage. It could use rubber feet to keep it steady on the counter top and a bevel on the top edge of the drawer would be nice to make the coffee fall into the box. If the drawer were about 1/4" taller, grinding for the 4 cups would all fit into the drawer. Grinding fine takes a little more work, but it functions well. Functionality is very good and easily makes various grinds from coarse to fine. So far so good. "
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- 11/15/2010
said: Ross
"We just bought a replacement for our old grinder of the same brand. This one is sturdier than the one I reviewed earlier where the drawer pull came off. This one doesn't, and the overall construction appears a little heavier, and "tweaked" with small but significant improvements. The drawer edges are still not beveled, and as another reviewer mentioned, a rubber pad or feet on the bottom would be nice. These are the only reason's I don't give it a five lantern rating. Otherwise, this is an excellent mill. Also note: because the warranty is stated differently in two places on the packaging, I contacted the manufacturer and received a prompt reply. The mechanism is, indeed, guaranteed for 25 years, and the rest of the unit for ten. It grinds a pot's worth of coffee very quickly, with little effort. Be careful not to let the grinding burrs touch when grinding fine for espresso. We are recycling the old one as a grinder for home grown, dried hot peppers. Bottom line: It's worth the price. You won't find a better one."
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- 3/10/2010
said: David Cox
"Grinds beans nicely. As an older person had to install rubber cleats on bottom to keep grinder from moving around while in use. I, too, had to glue drawer pull on as it was laying in the bottom of the mailing package upon arrival."
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- 2/18/2010
said: Ross
"We bought this as a gift for our son. Not quite as well made as the one we bought here about ten years ago. The drawer that catches the ground coffee is not as solidly glued together. Its knob pulled off, and had to be re-glued.I can't pull the knob off the older one even if I try. One shortcoming that hasn't been fixed: The edges of the drawer should be beveled inwards so that the ground coffee goes into the drawer, instead of sitting on the edge to spill when the drawer is pulled out. But it still grinds coffee very nicely."
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- 6/6/2011
said: Lynn F
"Works well, but... They used a great grinding mechanism but cheapened everything else--small canister, cheap knob, no rubber feet, no handle. What a shame--it could have been a great creation"
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- 10/1/2010
said: Lynn
"The grinder worked well enough, but the wood and finish is unacceptable. I accidently sat it down in a damp spot on the counter,and the whole bottom buckled and split in half."
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