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Starting Seeds Indoors Book
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Starting Seeds Indoors Book

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Starting seeds can seem like a daunting task to the beginning gardener but this comprehensive guide covers all you need to know. 32 pg.
  • Why Grow Plants from Seed?
  • Before You Germinate
  • While You Germinate
  • After You Germinate
  • Seeds That Require Special Treatment

Why Grow Plants From Seed?

In today's busy world many of us look for the easiest and quickest way to achieve a goal. Buying plants at the nursery is a fast and simple way to get a garden growing. Why bother starting your own plants from seed? There are several reasons you might want to do so.

Each year seed companies introduce new annuals with larger or more colorful flowers and vegetables with more luscious fruit. You may want to try new perennials from faraway places-or perhaps you have an "old-time" favorite. It's not always possible to find nursery plants of these varieties and if you want to have them you must grow them from seed.

Growing your own plants from seed is more economical a serious consideration if you have a large garden.

Some plants do well only when grown from seed. These include some annuals like California poppy, sunflower, sweet pea and nasturtium and vegetables such as beets, carrots, radishes and peas.

Children may be introduced to gardening by growing their own seedlings. Watching them witness the wonder of "creation" is a reward in itself.

And finally there is a certain satisfaction come July to look around a thriving garden and know that you were responsible for starting these plants from the very beginning.

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