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Quilting Basics Book
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Quilting Basics Book

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Quilting instructions for beginners and patterns for Nine-Patch, Broken Dishes, Clay's Choice, Monkey Wrench, and Ohio Star designs. 32 pg.
  • Quilting Today
  • History of Quilting
  • Supplies
  • Picking Out Your Fabric
  • Preparing the Fabric
  • Quilt Patterns
  • Making Templates
  • Cutting Out Pattern Pieces
  • Make a Test Block
  • Hand Piercing
  • Machine Piercing
  • Settings
  • Marking the Quilt
  • Backing, Layering, and Basting
  • Quilting
  • Tieing a Quilt
  • Binding
  • Labeling Your Quilt
  • Quilt Care
  • Quilt Patterns
  • Reading List
  • Resources

History of Quilting

Quilting has its origins in Europe where it was used for adornment purposes in clothing. The wealthy would have garment with quilted sleeves sometimes sewn with gold thread and embellished with pearls and other beads.

Quilting as we know it came into its own as an American craft and art. The colonists were ill-prepared for cold New England winters which dictated many layers on beds. Worn out clothing was cut up into shapes and pieced together haphazardly.

English tariffs on fabric and tools such as threads looms and spinning wheel taxed them out of reach of most colonists. Wishing to protect their textile industry the English even made it illegal to immigrate to the colonies if you were trained in the textile trade. Eventually tools were smuggled in or were secretly made for looms and spinning wheels.

This short supply of fabric brought about the scrap quilt like Bricks or Nine-Patch. These were simple designs yet more organized than the crazy quilt. Another idea that developed at this time was making a quilt by blocks. The original motive for this may have been for convenience. Colonial women didn't have the storage space the workspace or the time to sew myriad numbers of patches to make a huge bed quilt. It was more convenient to make a block at a time and then join them together.

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